Sarah Larson is a Party Animal

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Before you get too riled up over the following Sarah Larson bikini - and possibly sex - photos, George Clooney fans, take note:

They were taken last July, just a month after Larson met the handsome actor and before they became an official item.

Nevertheless... damn! Larson is showing some serious Antonella Barba-like action in these shots, down on all fours in one of them and getting very, very up close and personal with some dude in another.

The photos were taken in Las Vegas, where Larson was reportedly employed by club promoters as a resident "party girl" and go-go dancer, reports Star Magazine.

Hey, you're not George Clooney! Stop having sex with Sarah Larson!

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Certainly not Mr. Clooney.Did you know he was at the McNamara Terminal today?He's filming a movie, you know.One of them pecrutis.In Michigan!It's like we're ALL famous now!