Rosie O'Donnell Offers Danny Noriega a Job

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Danny Noriega was an unusual American Idol contestant who held controversial views (i.e. a video in which he wished Santa Claus would violate all mothers).

Rosie O'Donnell was an unusual host of The View who held controversial views (i.e. 9/11 was an American conspiracy).

Therefore, it only makes sense that the latter would offer a job to the former.

O'Donnell has stated - on her lame, immature blog - that she'd love for Noriega to sing on her R Family Cruise to Mexico next week.

"I think you're fantastic. And I think you're a bold and brave and beautiful young man. And I admire you, Danny Noriega. You have an amazing voice. And your hair looks good straight," Rosie said.

In other American Idol news: How adorable is David Archuleta?!? 


sorry danny.
it was stupid to take her up on that deal.
you have better things you could be doing to become more fammous.
i wanted you to win american idol....
im begginh to lose hope that people will forget and you will disaper
i dont like rosie but thats mi opinion.
if you think bein a singer on a bout singing to a limited number aof people
will help you thats ur choice.
im upset
but i still have hope.
yah bye.
oh yah. if someone wants to trash my cmmt and opion b my freakin guess if you wanna piss me off fine ill just ignore because if your pathtic life bore you that much...screw you anyway.....who r u to judge me...srry im not normally like this but im tired of herein people trash each other......


Take her up on it cause she's a nice lady. I was on her show in '96 as a "Rosie Look-A-Like" and I will always love her. I think you have the coolest moves, Danny! I hope you go for this!


i don't think he should take it 'cause i no he will do better things than to work for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i absolutely wanted you to win<3 :{
sorry good luck in life. p.s. please come out with cds so i can listen to u everyday<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
lov u

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