Rihanna and Chris Brown: Getting Busy in France

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After initially denying that they were hooking up, Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting more comfortable taking their romance public.

Yes, Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen hugging and kissing Saturday night at a Paris Fashion Week party for famed photographer Peter Beard.

Rihanna Topless Picture

"They were aware of people watching them but couldn't keep their hands off each other!" an onlooker tells Us Weekly. "It was a very sexy PDA."

"By the end of the evening, they were kissing passionately, and Rihanna was lying in Chris' arms," the eyewitness added. "If people weren't sure if they were going out before, well, they certainly knew afterwards!"

Soon these two young singing sensations might be giving Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo a run for most PDA-obsessed celebrity couple!

Romance rumors surrounding RiBrown began surfacing last month after the two were spotted kissing at her surprise birthday party.

They were later photographed cuddling in a pool in Jamaica. Sexxxy!

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i think cd sales are going to drop for chris. a lot of girls will be very upset. and isnt rihanna older than him? why do the older women get the guys : (


i think chris brown iz a real fine dude n i dnt want him to be wit rihanna but if he likes her den that's him..........I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!11


wow!! i hope they work out!! if tehy like each otha den datz all dat matters!! na i think rhianna is a really pretty girl an chris brown is fine!! an in think dey belong 2getha!!1 cuz wuteva ur heart is tellin u 2 do datz wut do an if dere heart is tellin dem 2 be 2 getha den!!! so u shouldn"t say dey dnt or try 2 break dem up by sayin rude or mean ccomments!! so let dem be cuz u have no control ova dey heart or wut itz tellin dem!! well i looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee u chris and rhianna!!


Chris u doin somthing that is really gonna reject u coz the are many girls who are the same height as u not rihanna.


I think chris is goin to satisfy rihanna but its not good to have a cute girl like this because chris is having thin body.


I think chris is goin to satisfy rihanna but its not good to have a cute girl like this because chris is having thin body he cant be comfortable well.


Rihanna is not the right person for chris brown she is a whore and slut who sleeps around with other girls' man such as jay z .I hate her for what she did to beyonce that is sleeping with jay z


rihanna needs to keep her hands off my man!!!!!