Rihanna and Chris Brown: Getting Busy in France

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After initially denying that they were hooking up, Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting more comfortable taking their romance public.

Yes, Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen hugging and kissing Saturday night at a Paris Fashion Week party for famed photographer Peter Beard.

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"They were aware of people watching them but couldn't keep their hands off each other!" an onlooker tells Us Weekly. "It was a very sexy PDA."

"By the end of the evening, they were kissing passionately, and Rihanna was lying in Chris' arms," the eyewitness added. "If people weren't sure if they were going out before, well, they certainly knew afterwards!"

Soon these two young singing sensations might be giving Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo a run for most PDA-obsessed celebrity couple!

Romance rumors surrounding RiBrown began surfacing last month after the two were spotted kissing at her surprise birthday party.

They were later photographed cuddling in a pool in Jamaica. Sexxxy!


Rihana and Chris Brown No, why because Chris Brown has a LOT of girl fans and they really gone start nonliking Rihana because she all on our man. I jus wish dat Chris Brown could get over her i wouldnt mind if he was single all his life but he will still have his girl fans.


chris is stunning rihanna is gorgeous.so wats da big deal? thay like each other so y not b together? plzzzzz ppl u guys need to give them a break and i know a lot of gurlz might like him including me so put it this way,whose gonna take ur place? plus girlz i couldnt think of a more pirfect couple. even if they are really frenz even though i kinda believe them rihanna is lucky to even to b frenz wid somebody that STUNING AD HAS GORGEOUS PERSONALITY AND SMILE and alot of girlz are gonna start hatin on her for that.BUT HEY, LIFE MOVES ON SO GIVE THEM A BREAK! AND STOP HATIN! LOVE THEM BOTH!HE IS MY CRUSH AND SHE IS MA ROLE MODLE! KEEP DOIN WAT U GUYS DO AND DOT MAKE ANYONE OR ANYTHING CHANGE U GUYS!! MUCH LOVE "ISLAND GURL" PEACE!:)


i still love cb though


leave chris brown and rihanna alone. if they want to date let them. if they were i dont blame them for hiding it because u selfish people would just be mad. especially you jealous girls of rihanna that she has the man you want. she has more of a chance at getting chris than any of you






first things first u ppl need to stop hatin.chris is stunnin rihanna is gorgeous so they look good 2gether obviously. i think they should hook up but in the end its all to them. im not goin to lie i have a huge crush on chris but i faced the truth he doesnt know he doesnt like.so move on ppl. so even if they r together thats their business and leave them alone!chris do your thing wish u all da baest from bianqua a.k.a. island girl love always ur fan, friend and admirer [i think thats how it spells]


people iz just hating when they say dat chris brown iz 2 gud 4 rihanna...i think dat dey r perfect 4 eachother nd rihanna iz a very pretty gurl nd chris brown iz a very sexii guy so they must be ment 4 eachother. forget da haters!!


I think Rihanna should step off of MY MAN! if she does not imma rip the poster of her off my wall!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


wow! that sounds weird and gross but if they really have feelings for each otherit really is great but chris brown is fine and rhianna is pretty i say they might not be right for each other!

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