Ramiele Malubay Loves Boobs

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After David Archuleta brought viewers to tears with his version of "Imagine" last week, we were afraid season seven of American Idol would become a bore. It's never fun when the winner is essentially crowned so early.

But David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay are keeping things interesting.

American Idol Top Seven

It's been confirmed that the former spent time as a nude dancer at an all-male club in Arizona. We don't find anything wrong with that, but FOX very well might.

Meanwhile, Malubay has already been in the celebrity gossip news for a photo on her Facebook account that depicts her breasts being grabbed by a few female friends. We definitely don't think find anything wrong with this; but, again, parents of young American Idol viewers might.

Now, a new picture from Ramiele's Facebook gallery has emerged. This time, Malubay is the one doing the boob grabbing...

Ramiele Malubay makes like Katie Rees in this photo. Will she face the same repercussions as that disgraced beauty queen?

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this is u??? ??????


wait but just a little mistake but we still love you but your better than the naked picture of vanessa but shes also filipino im filipino are filipino cursed of disgustingness no they just playing aruond am i people in school call me questionaire haha im 18


im soo shocked we USED to love her cuz shes a filipino cuz im one and ever since i saw this OMG




you act like you're not living in a liberated country, you're making this a big deal because you dont want her to stay in american idol. why dont you just say"she's a filipino so lets kick her ass out of this show"right?.look at your celebrities almost all of them were dancing in night clubs.how dare you to say that to her. that's her life just judge her by her voice and performance.


blessed are those who are pure in mind..


Everyone "NEEDS" attention?