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Sometimes, guys just suck.

Sometimes, girls just suck too.

While Lauren Conrad has her share of trusted, supportive girlfriends - Audrina Patridge, Lauren Bosworth and Whitney Port - The Hills star has also had her fair share of frenemies (Kristin Cavallari, Heidi Montag, Jen Bunney).

At least she knows her newest BFF, Chloe, will never cheat on her, not return her calls, leak sex tape rumors online or stab her in the back ...

Lauren Conrad adopted the lab/shepherd mix from the pound recently.

The star of The Hills (which returns with new episodes March 24) recently moved into a new house with Audrina and Lo. She also has a cat named Ashes!

How cute is LC?!

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Er, buy Hayden Panettiere's bag. Sorry, don't know what was going on in our minds there. Actually we do, but it's probably best if we don't share.

Anyway. The Heroes star has become a fashion mogul, unveiling a brand-new, Dooney & Bourke collection called, fittingly The Hayden Bag...

Hayden Gets Lei'd

Hayden Panettiere has her own bag. Insert your own bad joke here.

In other Hayden Panettiere news, the 18-year-old starlet was a guest on Larry King Live last night, joined by Rosario Dawson, Lance Armstrong, Wycelf Jean and Josh Groban to talk about the importance of your voice - and your vote.

No word on whether Hayden Panettiere endorses Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton ... or John McCain. Unless someone saves the whales, or at least sounds convincing in saying they will, they may not get her support!

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While we're happy to report any positive Heidi Montag news after the tragic passing of her stepbrother, Eric O'Hara, this is straight up ridiculous.

Yesterday, Ryan Seacrest played a duet between Heidi Montag and ... Britney Spears! That's right, this was on his KIIS-FM radio show.

Pointing Stuff Out

The song is called "Dramatic" and apparently is not a joke, although we've heard that before. Remember "Body Language," people. Wow.

Ummm, yeah. The UCLA psychiatric ward may have let Britney Spears back on the streets a little too soon is she is doing a duet with Heidi Montag.

Of course, calling this a duet is probably  giving them too much credit. Soft porn may be more up their alley, as this is mostly just them breathing. Hard.

Then again, Kevin Federline isn't rapping, nor does Spencer Pratt make a cameo, so perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky and move on.

You can listen to this nonsense HERE ...

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There's a remarkably bogus rumor that Britney Spears is hemorrhaging money so badly that at this pace, she'll be bankrupt within four years.

Her family has been holding talks with her, according to celebrity news reports, to try and intervene in her shopping sprees.

Britney Spears' massive fortune, which has been estimated at $50-100 million, by some reports is now down to a mere $20 million.

This is what happens to some celebrity gossip sources when Britney Spears starts to clean up her act. They get desperate and make $h!t up.

Actual court documents have shown that Britney earns upwards of $700,000 a month in royalties from her music and various endorsements. A month.

Rumors of Britney being in financial trouble are patently false.

That's about $8.4 million annually without touring. It takes a lot of bad decisions (mostly real estate) to burn through that much cash.

Unless Sam Lutfi stole it, there's no conceivable way Britney is broke.

While she's not exactly thrifty, Britney's no Michael Jackson. A Starbucks latte, bag of Doritos, Red Bull and pack of smokes only comes to like $15. She's fine.

So while we'll continue to report all the latest rumors - such as Britney and Adnan Ghalib supposedly breaking up - take it with a grain of salt.

There's Britney Spears news and there's Britney Spears gossip.

Know the difference.

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There's one reason - and one reason only - why Tila Tequila is famous: She poses for scantily clad pictures. Lots and lots of scantily clad pictures.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, there's a whole lot right with it. Check out a series of these Tila Tequila photos now:

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In case you'd forgotten, Kristin Cavallari is fairly hot.

With this undisputed fact going for her, but little in the way of a career, Kristin has got to make it known as much as she can.

Kristin Cavallari Baby Bump

What better way than to strip down to a tight, white, cleavage-baring tank top for the celebrity gossip media while shopping? 

Kristin Cavallari looks poised to join a sorority car wash any moment ...

While rumors of her joining the cast of The Hills turned out to be false, it's good to see that K-Cavs still has some awfully fine hills of her own.

More "shopping trips" like this one please, Kristin Cavallari! We don't care how staged and desperate it is... we still cover Heidi Montag, after all.

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He's been referred to as a singing sensation. An inspiration to us all. The next American Idol.

But just who is David Archuleta?

The adorable 17-year old was born in Miami. He says he's wanted to sing for a living since the age of six, when he saw the musical of Les Miserables. When he was 12, Archuleta won the Junior Circuit on Star Search.

David Archuleta has dreamed of a singing career from a very early age.

A few years ago, David suffered from a rare form of vocal paralysis. Eschewing surgery, the singer fought through it and has made an incredible recovery, as fans can hear every week on American Idol.

Let's see Michael Johns, Jason Castro or any other male contender on the show top that story!

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Yesterday, we introduced you to Daisy De La Hoya, a.k.a. The Beave, from the new season of the hit reality TV series Rock of Love.

She's not actually nicknamed The Beave, FYI, except by our site.

Daisy D. Picture

Feel free to steal this nickname for the sexy celebrity if you like.

Or if you can think of a better one, pass it along as we'll consider.

Astonishingly, it turns out the niece of Oscar De La Hoya has a lot more talents than blowing lines of coke and flaunting her sweaty baby factory.

Here's a bootylicious Daisy De La Hoya singing national anthem on this week's Rock of Love. Almost makes you wanna watch that crap ...


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You gotta love fear-mongering.

When your back is to the wall, throw everything at your opponent and see if it works. Why not, right? Especially if you can prey on ... FEAR!

President-Elect Barack Obama


First, leaking a photo of Barack Obama in traditional African attire in hopes of sparking fears that the Illinois senator is secretly a Muslim.

Then, when asked about the falsehoods on 60 Minutes, kinda sorta not really fully denying he's Muslim in a shameless attempt to stoke the rumors.

If today's primaries in Texas and Ohio are to be the last stand for Hillary Clinton, she has no intention of going quietly. Or with dignity.

Check out her non-denials of the Obama-Muslim rumor ...


Follow the jump for another video, this one of a new Clinton campaign ad.

It's message, in a manner of speaking, is that Obama isn't going to keep children safe at 3:00 in the morning. Or something. Gotta love the use of kids ...

Continue Reading...

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Britney Spears has reportedly sort of dumped her celebrity news photographer boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, having grown convinced he was cheating on her.

But before she ordered Adnan from her home for, like, maybe the last time ever, she grabbed his iPhone and threw it in the pool, The Sun reports.

An insider said Britney and Adnan got into a fight after two video clips showing him out with mystery girls were posted on celebrity gossip blogs.

That's when Brit grabbed Adnan's phone and saw racy txt msgs. omfg wtf rotfl!

A source said: "There were about a dozen from one girl, all sent on one day. They were pretty saucy stuff, sexual references â€" not the sort you'd send to a friend."

Here's how the Britney-Adnan fight supposedly went down after that ...

  • Britney Spears lost her $h1t and started yelling.
  • She was demanding to know who sent the texts and shouting, ‘What's this about? You're cheating on me'.
  • Adnan Ghalib said the girl was just a friend, but Britney got more and more angry. Then she told him, ‘That's it. It's over'.
  • Just before she told Adnan to go, she snatched his phone and threw it in the pool in agner. He didn't even bother trying to get it out.

Insiders say Britney Spears, who was supposedly pregnant by this loser, is adamant that she's finished with smooth-talking Adnan, who was still with his wife, AzLynn Berry, when he started romancing the troubled pop star late last year.

The Sun reports Adnan Ghalib is not going quietly, and is wooing the singer to see him again with love notes like this one below. He wants her to come home to a milky bowl of soup, folks. We have no comment at this time.

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