Lauren Conrad Clarifies Celebrity News Story on MySpace

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With the return of The Hills just a few days away (Monday at 10 p.m.), its star, Lauren Conrad, is taking issue with Us Weekly and its lead story.

The magazine's article this week proclaims with its headlines that Lauren Conrad was "betrayed" by both Audrina Patridge and her ex, Brody Jenner.

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That's a bit of a distortion, Lauren Conrad says, as she remains very close to both Brody and Audrina Patridge. According to LC, it wasn't a "woe is me" story.

She went on her MySpace page to clarify her feelings for her fans ...

"Hey! I just wanted to take a moment to clear something up. I recently did an interview [with Us Weekly] to talk about The Hills coming back on next week and what everyone had to look forward to. Unfortunately it was somehow turned into yet another "poor me" story. The article itself is a nice one but it follows headlines that, in no way, represent my words or feelings.

I do not feel betrayed by Audrina or Brody. I love them both and said nothing to contradict this. I understand that headlines sell magazines, but I value my friendships above magazine sales any day. On a more positive note, I got to see some of the first episode yesterday and it looks amazing. I'm sooooooo excited for everyone to see Paris. Best wishes and I hope everyone tunes in Monday."


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Lauren you have been an inspiration to me.
I just wish i could somehow meet you, My birthday is this saturday, the 29th, ill be 17, and its crazy, but i watched to premiere tonight, and it was great.
my dream is to meet you. somehow.


i feel bad for Lauren because she has great relationships with the people who work for the magazine..but i'm really proud of her for standing by her real friendship with Audrina..


hay girl i cant waet to see the new season of the hills i love it:) ps. i cant weat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you see the liveblog for the season 4 trailer? Lookit:

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