Kimora Lee Simmons Files For Divorce

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Reality star Kimora Lee Simmons formally filed for divorce from her husband of almost 10 years, Russell Simmons, on Tuesday in L.A. Superior Court.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Kimora Lee Simmons, who was recently reported to be pregnant, is seeking legal and physical custody of her children.

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Her kids are Ming Lee, 9, and Aoki Lee, 5, and they have lived up until now with both Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons, who were married in 1998.

Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons are now separated.

The Baby Phat designer, 32 â€" who is now dating actor / model Djimon Honsou â€" also requested that Russell Simmons, 50, be given "reasonable child visitation ... accompanied at all times by the nanny and security personnel."


It difneitely feels like looking back on someone else's life, from the vantage point of so many years later. I can't imagine what I was thinking. I think I thought I was 50 feet tall and bulletproof. Pure childish insanity.


The security isn't to protect the kiddos from Simmons its to protect them from fans etc! Kimora has security with her as well gee


I think that is so stupid they should both have to pay child support and Russle dosen't need any security for now. Why would she even ask for a dicvorce now. They should have done it with out the kids ( ming lee and aiko lee) born so they dont have to be put in the middle of this. That is just my saying on this. Good Luck Kimora And I wish you the best on you're carrer


If you just want to get something off your chest go to the meditation station.


The reason she wouldn't dream of suing for full custody, is because at the mo, the excessive luxury she is living in, is due to russell not wanting his kids to live in squalor (well, it'd harly be squalor,but,it wouldn't be in the lap of luxury would it.)
She clearly knows, she would hardly be granted a fraction of this by a judge, in any settlement case.
Owing to her ability to support herself as a model(even though she's too old now)thus, super diva luxury lifestyle out of the window.
She's done well to keep her mouth shut, because it's more than she's worth and she knows it.


what is with the supervised visits? it just shows she's just nasty... nasty... Russell is a well grounded man,and he's provided for her and exposed her to the luxries she could ever have dreamt of. as for out cos she will suck you dry... i am happy tht Russell finally is free from the leach


hey by the way ming lees not ine shes eight.


Why does Russell have to be accompanied by security and the nanny when he sees his kids? What is up with that. Could he beeeeeee....or is she just being a biotch.


GOOD! She's better off. She's got a hot new mean, clothing line at JCPenny's and her reality show got picked up for the 2nd season. April 20th, 8/7c on Style! I think she'll be just fine!

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