Kim Kardashian Speaks on Reality Show, Fame

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Considering her naked, doggy style antics in the much-publicized Ray J sex tape, you'd think being in front of a camera would be normal for Kim Kardashian.

And you'd be right.

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"It's kind of crazy, but it's fun and you totally forget that they're there. We kind of know what we're getting ourselves into," Kim recently said of her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, though one couldn't be blamed for assuming she was referring to her and Ray J's videotaped sex romp.

"But at first we used to be kind of careful about what we said and we would try to keep everything [censored]. My sisters kind of get crazy, and we tried so hard not to be ourselves for the first few weeks. Then all of a sudden we just [got relaxed]."

Ever since she got pumped from behind on tape earned this reality TV stint, Kim's celebrity gossip exposure has exploded, as well. How does she feel about the newfound fame?

"It's so cool to see different people respond to different episodes and different episodes. I think that me and my sisters never would have gotten really great opportunities that come up because we have a show on the air. And I think that we're all just embracing all of it. We're all having a great time," Kardashian said.


its nice that kim hear how kim feels about the camera crew filming her everyday. i dont think i could do anything like that. but ill def be watch her tonight to see whats up with her and her fam.


This must be the most self centerd girl tv has ever seen i'd rather watch jessica simpson think buffalos have wings and Paris Hilton think everythings hott then watch her damn 5 year old tantrum fits about how great she is. Seriously get over yourself


I like the last quote. It was lovely and considearte. -armine


Cool that Kim wants to help people. I'm excited to see the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday!


It's hard to believe they think their freak show shallow honesty is in anyway entertaining.


Well, the feds just cut 25 points and JPMorgan bought Bear Stearns for $2/share - all of this reported on: - same guy who first reported the pics of Ashley... so what does this mean for Hollywood?


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