Joe Jonas: Dating Chelsea Staub?

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Cute new couple alert!

Over the weekend, Joe Jonas was seen holding hands with Chelsea Staub during a shopping spree around Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.

Jonas Madness

The couple shared a bag of chips and stopped by Urban Outfitters.

Staub is a little known actress - who is now the scorn of teenage girls around the world - who appeared in the movie Bratz and will star in the upcoming Jonas Brother series, J.O.N.A.S.

Rumors say Joe Jonas is dating Chelsea Staub. Not a bad catch for either side!

Past Jonas Brothers dating news has included the fact that Nick Jonas was spotted around town for awhile with Miley Cyrus. Ever heard of her?

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And me I wouldn't let that happen to nick and joe to cheat on them but it's not natural that's if I can get rid them or maybe I can tie them up or maybe putting some tape on their mouths and they will never see it coming to them and please let them hurt me and I don't care but I want them to fuck me around if they can and I put a bomb when they are tied up and let them fuck me and give me your best shot and it's me that you want to have but I know what you did to Nicole anderson that she played by Trisha form that sister abuse stories but what if I was her but I want that life to do that but I don't give son of a bitch hey joe , nick take me to be abused I don't care for what you so any way either


i love you chelsea.
i heard joe jonas love ashley greene.but i want joe + chelsea.i want meet with you.but i live in azerbaijan.write me.I LOVE YOU


all u people tht are sayin u r so much better 4 joe than chelsea wot if u all stud in a line nd he looked at sum ov u nd probely thought u r ugly so y say bad thing about sum1 else ?


demi i cant believe you said that its low i cant believe you stella and joe and chelsea and joe belong together


they are just jelous i think that joe and chelsea make a great couple


every one prettending to be clebs you sad little bitches leave chelsea alone shes nicer then any of you ps there noy dating xoxo little bitches lv ya not


they look so cute together and all of you are just mad at her because she is a milion times preteir than youi are you are all just jelouse


wow chelsea is 21 and joe is only 19 so i think they shold break up (if they r dating)




he better not be dating her like OMG i like chelsea staub and joe jonas BUT................ they KINDA make a good coupe (not really!)