Jason Castro Performs "Hallelujah" on American Idol

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Amidst a sea of American Idol scandals involving David Hernandez and Danny Noriega, Jason Castro took the stage last night and reminded viewers what this competition was all about:

Great singing.

Sorry, Casey

Check out his performance of the classic, slow, 1980s song "Hallelujah" right now:


How far do you think Jason Castro can advance on American Idol?


I love Jason Castro for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, he makes me, at 51, feel young again!!He takes me back to a place I'd long forgotten. This kid has talent. I sure hope some recording studio can see what I see, hear what I hear. Jason causes me to be spellbound by the sound of his voice. I am a true Jason Castro fan. Love him so much!


I think he is one of the most wonderful singers I have ever heard on American Idol..He is so true to himself and I listen to every word his song says..He is surely not forgetable..I have enjoyed everyone of his songs he has sang and look forward to seeing him perform..He is a great person and nice..Love him


Jason Castro has an innocence similiar to the look
that John Trevolta had in his younger days.
It is mezzmerizing


jason can win this competition but he needs to show his vocal range and sing unforgettable songs, maybe he could try bob marley's "no woman no cry" he is the most unique, marketable as well and the biggest fan base who are the voters. he is also very humble . jason step it up, you are my favorite and i an 52 years old. even if he doesn't win, i think he is going to get a contract.


Jason really did a great job on this one. It gave me goosebumps.



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