Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge: Engaged!

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Teenage mother-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears is sporting some sparkling new jewelry - an engagement ring from boyfriend (now fiance), Casey Aldridge!

The engaged Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, has been flashing the rock to friends and family around Louisiana and Mississippi, a family source tells People.

Jamie Lynn Spears: Yup Magazine Cover

"She's got an engagement ring," the source says.

"She's been showing it off, talking about it."

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge, her handsome 18-year-old fiance - who was not charged with statutory rape in knocking her up because he's less than two years older than she - are expecting the baby (their first) this summer.

No official word yet on a wedding date for the couple.

We are just waiting to see if Britney Spears gets pregnant, then plans a quickie wedding to Adnan Ghalib in order to steal Jamie Lynn's thunder.

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fala serio, são tão lindos juntos *-*


you guys are dumb
y cant she make mistakes
grow up and live your own life
thats wat shes doing now stay
the fukk out of it


I think Jamie Lynn Spears is cute and will be a good mother unlike her sister. I wish the best of luck to you Jamie Lynn and I hope you enjoy this new *miracle* of your life. Hope everything goes well. And at least the baby's Daddy is still around. XOX


im a mom to a 2 week old baby. and in 8th grade


The baby is one thing but marriage too?!I think she is takin that a bit too far...but i do respect her for holding her own!GOOD LUCK JAMIE!


yea i agree wtf i will b 18 in a few weeks n i have an 8 month old and i think its not the best choice but its not the end of the world!!!
she'll be just fine wtf..leave her alone


i dont think yall should be talking to her about that i jus turned 17 n i have a 5 month old little girl i dont regret any of it and jus cus im a teenage mom doesnt mean im a slut it jus means i wasnt more careful... thanks bye


wow what happened to condoms


Hey Jamie I am VERY happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't listen to what other people say. That baby will be very happy that you had it then not have it at all your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


leave the dam grl alone
y the hell do u ppl even care?
she is juss a normal grl
ppl made a big deal juss cuz she has a show on nickelodeon
that doent mean she cant have a life

Jamie Lynn Spears Biography

Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant?
Ding dang it y'all! Jamie Lynn Spears went and got cute little ass pregnant at a mere 16 years of age. The father is some guy named Casey... More »
McComb, Mississippi
Full Name
Jamie Lynn Marie Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears Quotes

More than anything, I just want this baby to have a normal life.

Jamie Lynn Spears

I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.

Jamie Lynn Spears