Hollywood Nixes Heidi Montag Bid to Have Sign Altered

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If you are among the many fans of The Hills who dismiss Heidi Montag as being just another product of another reality TV show, looking to cash in furiously on her fleeting 15 minutes of fame, take a second and consider this:

  • Heidi Montag is seen every day on dozens and dozens of celebrity gossip sites, none more guilty of buying into The Hills' hype than this one.
  • She is still forging a music career that continues despite a hilarious and disastrous first attempt at a music video.
  • She and Spencer Pratt are launching a video game.
  • She even has her own clothing line.

She wants to be Lauren Conrad so badly, it's not even funny.

Still, her delusions of grandeur cannot be held down! According to reports, Heidi Montag had hopes of altering the famous Hollywood sign to say "Heidiwood" - the name of her clothing line - in time for an April 11 fashion show.

Stunningly, Montag's publicity team (which does deserves credit in its own right for turning Heidi into the marketable brand she is, albeit a fake, plastic and largely annoying one) wasn't able to make it happen. Aww, shucks.

Los Angeles city council member Tom LaBonge told Us Weekly in response to an inquiry, "We rarely accept alterations of an historic monument."


Perfect work!


HA HA... laughable... she wanted to change the HOLLYWOOD SIGN???? pffft.... yet she says LC went "Hollywood" She's just jealous. I can see through her, LC is a sweetheart, not without her own issues, though.


heidi go please because you NEVERgonna be
Lauren Conrad you wich LOSER!!


Heidho looks like a bad tranny, Mr Ed..wonder how often it has to shave that HUGE chin..

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