Heather Mills to Judge Miss USA Pageant

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What's more unlikely than the recently released Kristin Davis nude photos being legitimate?

Heather Mills possessing any sort of qualification necessary to judge a beauty pageant.

Ugly Hair

Nevertheless, the spoiled, useless, gold-digging peg leg of an ex-wife to Paul McCartney has been booked as a judge for The Miss USA Pageant.

Heather Mills stares into the distance, wondering how she'll ever subsist on just $50 million.

Annoying Brother-sister duo Donny and Marie Osmond will be hosting the beauty pageant, which will air from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, April 11.

Yesterday, Mills was awarded about $50 million in her divorce settlement with McCartney - and then doused his lawyer with water after the verdict was revealed.


People should boycott the contest, That is like Mike Vick host of a dog show.Heather has no beauty on the inside or outside,I never heard Paul complain, whinning on tv, talking bad about Heather.She might have lost a leg but her big mouth makes up for it.
Paul not perfect, but in this world today he is close as you can.Faithful and stuck by his wife linda,gives money to causes he believe in,Paul will make it to heaven, and Heather will deep fry in hell


Please, don't put her as a judge. Is she goingto judge for nudity and negative characater. Please eliminate her. There are so many qualified celebrities out there that would love to judge, Is this just for ratings or publicity. She is eligible and competent. Donald Trump make a move quick. She already got enough money for being a porn star. Milly her dtr was conceived for security purposes because she knew she would be dumpled soon. Thank You Very MucH.


Ironic isn't it??? Past contestants get the boot for posing in pictures that would be TAME compared to someone who will now be a JUDGE?????
And Trump in mentioning Omerosa in conjunction with Heather Mill(ions) shows he's counting on the fact people will hate her as much... doesn't SHE get it... is attention, and guaranteed NEGATIVE attention what she's after... yep, proves the judges point for certain!


She was a way overpaid call girl, don't you think?


It's just absolutely appalling that after the character of Mz. Mills has been proven to be based on lies, she's chosen as a "Judge" for the Miss USA Pageant. Here's someone that had a history of porn and prostitution..., not to mention the out and out lies that were brought out to be such in a UK court. Vegetarian? NO! Contributor to charities? NO! etc., etc... Dowsing the opposing council with water is such an impressive and mature act of someine chosen to be a Judge. And the Pageant wants this type of person to sit in judgement of a prestiguous and historical event like Miss USA? Well, you've just lost "another" viewer. Maybe the pageant should ask ex-Gov Spitzer to Judge. So much for the high standards of Miss USA!

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I am trying to move on, spend time with my daughter and get on with my charitable work. It's been a terrible period for everyone.

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