Heather Mills to Judge Miss USA Pageant

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What's more unlikely than the recently released Kristin Davis nude photos being legitimate?


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    Can't believe Paul married her...what an idiot....and an even bigger idiot for not getting an iron-clad pre-nuptial agreement.


    What a joke!!! You have a woman who is constantly in the news for being an unprofessional piece of trash, and she has NO QUALIFICATIONS to be a Judge. Just goes to show what a JOKE these pageants have become, especially since Donald Trump took them over. Donald you deserve Heather!!!


    I for one will not watch the pagent. This woman should just disapper some where so people can forget her. She is rude, money hungry, and just plain nasty, no class. Is a beauty pagent about class and personality??? none of what she is. She is not wanted in the US either if you took a pole


    I cant believe that "The Don" would have his good name associated with the likes of Heather Mills, did he not read the 58 page court documents, that basically determined that she is a lying delusional woman. The "Don" said that Heather has 100 Million in the bank, who told him that, her, remember she is a delusional liar. This can't be good for the pagent itself ( or the ratings) and to have these lovely young ladies judged by a former Whore, is just insulting.
    Maybe other judges for the April 11 competition should include : Skater/knee smasher Tonya Harding and Football Star/Murderer OJ Simpson. Now thats, television!


    well i think she had planed this all from the start and having a child made it even better for her to get her hands on paul,s money .!!!
    paul should have lisend to stella in the frist place.


    Are you disperate for a judge! The woman has no class. She is a lost cause!!!! Rude, ratical, obnoxious etc. etc etc. I always watch the show, NOT THIS TIME and that is because Heather Mills is a judge. NOT a nice person. Not a lady!!! Miss USA represents everything she is not!


    I would have loved to see the judge knock off a million for the water dumping incident! Too bad. As for the Miss USA pageant, if they want to uphold any sense of credibility, find a replacement fast!


    boycott miss usa pageant and its sponsors. Email the sponsors and tell them u are doing so! go to the miss usa website to get a list of them


    Dump that b*tch


    Putting this person as a judge for the Miss America Pageant is just letting everyone how this show is really gone downhill. Of all people, who's past and recent blasts in court and on National TV, just shows us how desperate we are to have her be a judge for anything. I think boycotting the show is a great idea! I know I won't be watching, and the fools that do are just as stupid as the ones who chose her to be a judge. Here again, it is all about money. We are really tired of seeing her face on the tube. Let her be the firtst to be eliminated!!!!!!!!!!

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