Heather Mills Successfully Digs Gold from Paul McCartney

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Heather Mills is standing tall.

Well, as tall as one can stand with a fake leg.

Heather Mills' Bad Hair

The evil ex-wife of Paul McCartney has declared herself "so, so happy" with her nearly $50 million divorce settlement from the singing legend, an amount that was finalized this morning in London.

There was actually a time when Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were happy and... ah, who are we kidding? She was always after his money.

Despite receiving an enormous sum for being nothing but a spoiled ball and chain, Mills stood on the courthouse steps and could not let the issue slide.

"I am standing here because Paul is insistent on the whole judgment being put out. I've said that if the whole judgment goes out then all the transcripts have to go out because it's going to be written in a way that they will try and make it that I wasn't successful," she said.

Let is now be known: Heather Mills is a successful gold digger!

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Yes she's recieved £24million! As her charity work means so much to her, how much of that £24 million will SHE be giving to charity? 5-10-15 million. If she gives £20million to landmine victims that would still leave her fabulously wealthy. I think with Heather Mills charity begins at home, her home. I hope she suprises us all and gives it all away. She doesn' deserve a penny.


Poor Heather. They way she talkes it gives an impresion that Paul does not care for his child.
It is me and Beatrice, me and Beatrice.
That child will have a good life, just like all his children did with a loving father and I'll bet will not
want for anything.
Hearher should lern just to shut up.


Apparently she was a whore years ago. Wouldnt you have thought that Stella would have had a private detective checking her out. Sheesh, the press found the photos easily enough. She had no shame then either.


Right from the get go I thought she was only after one thing and now she has proven it. Ever since she did an interview with Paul on Larry King, I could not stand her. She is a very rude, over-bearing, thoughtless, unforgiving, controlling, unreasonable person....if you can call her that..I would say woman but she is more like a calculating evil devil. I think she uses her wooden leg as an excuse for herself and how wonderful she thinks she is but in reality we all know the truth. I really feel sorry for her little girl. I don't usually find the need to express how awful I think a person is but I just hope she rots in you know where, as I am sure she is headed there.


She is nothing but a whore.....pig.


This women makes me sick and I'm an Amreican. I make less then $70K a year and live just fine. For her to lean there on the court steps and talk about how he daughter won't be flying first class is insane. She was a whore, then a hooker, then one legged then compalined about getting $50 million. Someone should push her over.


Firstly to the rest of the world not all us english girls are gold digging whores!!
This leech has essentially taken money gained from royalties for beatles work written before she was born!! lennon must be spinning in his grave(another talentless wife)


Peg Leg Mills make`s me sick. My kid and I get by on £1,250. per month, after paying our basic bills we are left with about £550.00 to live on and that is to buy our food, toiletries, clothes and the rest. I hope the greedy cow rot`s in hell.


This woman is the lowest of the low, she has the gall to claim over £100 million for 3 years with Paul McCartney and when awarded £24 million by the court she is still moaning.......this would give her £80000 in interest per month if she invested the £24 million. She has no credibility after her interviews on GMTV and outside the court today....she has no class, should have some decorum and take a reality check on how people live on less than £35000 per year that was awarded to Beatrice!!!!!!!!!!!!


Never in my life have i come across such a vile, money grabbing, common, dirty, low life as Heather Mills!! How she can stand on National Television and be so stupid as to not realise that all her money centred ridiculous babble, that spills out her mouth, is actually showing her for the gutter rat that she is??!!!
I pity that national treasure that is Sir Paul. She targeted you at your most vulnerable.
Let her rot!!!!!

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Heather Mills loves money and attention. She married Paul McCartney and then divorced him in order to rake in the millions. An activist... More »
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I am trying to move on, spend time with my daughter and get on with my charitable work. It's been a terrible period for everyone.

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The public adore me... I haven't got a bad word to say about Paul... men are falling over themselves to ask me out... my only interest in life is helping others.

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