Happy Birthday to Kat Von D (and Nick Zano)!

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While the anti-Semitic photo scandal has tarnished Kat Von D in the eyes of some fans, the TLC tattoo artist and resident controversy magnet remains popular.

The body-covered-in-tattoos thing doesn't really do it for us, but a lot of guys dig it, making the LA Ink star (full name Katherine Von Drachenberg) a frequent object of male affection. Must be the bad-ass, biker-chick image and attitude.

That or the image of Kat Von D naked or topless, which the now 26-year-old doesn't exactly shy away from giving her legions of fans a taste of ...

Kat Von D Naked

Kat Von D: Nude except for tattoos, that dude's hands, and pants.

Happy b-day, Kat. Also celebrating a birthday on this 8th of March? Nick Zano. The actor is 30 today. You may never hear of him again, but the guy has been with Kristin Cavallari and Amanda Bynes, so he's already had a decent career.

Little known fact: Nick Zano's real name is Nicholas Crapanzano. Really. We would trade it in for a shorter stage name, too, man. Good move.

Be sure to check out our calendar of celebrity birthdays to see when your favorite star's is coming up - or if any celebrities share your special day!

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Hey! Nick Zano Video here!!! Really worth seeing!!


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