Gyllenspoon Defies Celebrity News Odds

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Don't get us wrong, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal make a hot couple and her divorce from Ryan Phillippe (go Abbie Cornish) was somewhat scandalous.

But whenever celebrities without the surname Spears or who don't star on The Hills make the cover of Us Weekly, we can't help but make note of our shock.

Especially this of all weeks. The Hills returns for its Spring run, Jamie Lynn Spears gets engaged to Casey Aldridge, and still, Gyllenspoon. What gives?

Gyllenspoon Make History

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal's untold love story trumped all other celebrity news this week, this popular gossip magazine felt in a head-scratching move.

To the magazine's credit, at least Britney Spears' hectic personal life, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, and Dancing With the Stars all made the sidebar.


i am one of your biggest fans and i loved the movie you played in legally blonde.


How would any of you know if Reese and Jake are fake or that she is a beard? Really because I doubt you are in any of their beds.


oh...jake you are so cute........ reese so lucky that she can get a man like you ...... me 'n my friends are from BALI ... WE HOPE YOU AND HER WILL BE HAPPY AND MAKE A LOT OF BABY..........


So clearly a beard!


Jake and Reese are shacking up and most likely, knocked up. Us got wind of it and got the OK to do this little warm-up. Has nothing to do with Ryan nor Abby, Reese could care less about either.


That's just basic PR tactics - Ryan and Abbie's new movie will be released on Friday. Plus - what is the point of the fauxmance if you don't promote it?

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