Grainy Goodness: Possible Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape Image

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It was only a matter of time before rumors of a Lindsay Lohan sex tape popped up.

Now, in the wake of Kristin Davis naked pictures and Audrina Patridge nude photos, it makes sense that news about the Firecrotch Queen caught on tape would surface.

Lindsay Lohan on a Red Carpet

According to various celebrity gossip sources, the following is an image of Lindsay going all Antonella Barba on ex-boyfriend Calum Best.

Reportedly, he filmed the elicit act himself with a camera phone.

If true, Calum would undoubtedly be living up to his surname...

If you tilt your head, squint your eyes and take a few shots, this does look like Lindsay Lohan working hard at the only job she's ever held down. Many, many times.

Do you think this is an image from a Lindsay Lohan sex tape?


She's fat and been turned over more than a old motor. I had to see one of my boys potesd up on TMZ because he was kock & balls set # 18,567 in line to bang her, poor fvck got blown up because he was her new fling for 2 days lol. Then he had to listen to me (still) clown him about it. Hope Dano has a got a bbq brush and baking soda to scrub the fruit bowl down. From where that chic lurks that sauce doesnt wash off easy haha


I saw the photo and my pecker was 10 inches.
so it must be Lindsay.


i need your sex piskar


U r very sweet and so hotes n i love u so much


Wish that was my cock in her mouth.


I wish she would do that for me. I only wonder if she would do it for a line of coke.


No one click the link above. I checked it out,and the video has a trojan horse.




i love lindsey lohan, great person sucks a mean dick too.


I can't even tell if that's a person in that grainy-ass photo

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