Emma Hemming, Bruce Willis Support Demi Moore

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Bruce Willis and the whole gang - including girlfriend Emma Hemming and daughter Tallulah Willis - show their support for Demi Moore on Monday night at New York City's Soho Grand for the party following a screening of Flawless.

Emma Hemming and Bruce Willis certainly seem very happy together lately. Perhaps they'll get married one day, much like Demi and Ashton Kutcher.

Demi Moore Red Carpet Pic

It's good to see Bruce and Demi are still on such good terms. What's also good to see if you ask us is the lack of Rumer Willis in this photo. Girl's kinda whack.

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I think it's VERY important that we don't "rush" to condemn others...no-matter what we think of their choices.


why would Bruce embarrass himself by marrying a gold digging whore like Emma? That sort of crap is so 80's. Marrying someone just to feed your ego is so pathetic. Everyone knows Emma has a long history of dating rich and famous men. In short, she's never met a black American Express card carrier she didn't like. She's a user just like Sarah Larson, Heather Mills, etc. If Bruce thinks no one knows she's nothing but a gold digging tramp then he is seriously delusional!


They met at mjillionaireloves .com when they just joined it ! How quick!