Elisabeth Hasselbeck on David Hernandez Elimination: An American Idol Conspiracy

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Let's at least give Elisabeth Hasselbeck some credit: unlike former coworker, Rosie O'Donnell, this host of The View didn't refer to 9/11 as a conspiracy.

But the conservative blonde is singing a conspiratorial tuner over David Hernandez being voted off American Idol last night.

"My mind went, 'You know what? This is a conspiracy," said Hasselbeck during this morning's show.

"American Idol maybe didn't want to deal with the fact that he had this shady - so-called - past and they blocked all of his phone calls of people voting for him.'"

Whoopi Goldberg was taken aback at this accusation, reiterating Hasselbeck's stance in amazement: "They blocked his phone calls?!?"

Sounds like a controversial, attention-getting viewpoint to me, Elisabeth basically responded. We wonder if she also thinks Eliot Spitzer got a raw deal.

"I'm making up my own conspiracy theory. This is my paranoia," she said.

"Because he's good - he is good - despite his... whatever he was doing on the side. But I think he actually deserved the spot to be there and I feel like maybe they were just trying to get him off the show."

What do you think? Did American Idol conspire to give David Hernandez the boot?


I think David Hernandez should have stayed on Idol. He has way better vocals than Jason Castro, Christy Lee Cook, Ramiel, etc. I believe Idol chose to boot him over the stories regarding his past and make it easy on themselves by saying he had the lowest votes--no controversy that way. Did you notice how sad he looked at the beginning of the show and through out it?
Irregardless of his past, he has great talent, and I wish only the best for his future. I would love to see him and hear him again.
Give me a break--we had Rock Hudson, who was gay, Richard Chamberlain, and many others--some out of the closet and some not. I can understand booting those twins from a previous show who were under indictment for fraud, but a real talent just cause he stripped in a gay bar? Unreal!!


Elizabeth hit it right on!! This was definately a conspiracy. The judges suddenly went cold on David who they had loved up until then. David was not voted out because he had no talent - the opposite is true - he had one of the best vocals in the competition. American Idol will never be the same for me. I miss David!!


I agree with Jay for the most part. He made a bad choice choosing the song that he chose, but there have been much worse mistakes... KRISTY LEE COOK. OH MY GOD. that country rendition of 8 Days a Week... she butchered the song. and the song she did last week, I had to change the channel for a second, I couldn't even listen to it. I'm not sure if it was a CONSPIRACY... maybe it was, people are so close minded, and if American Idol stooped so low, it really is a shame how close minded we have become. It also could have just been the homophobes and the bible thumpers (I'm sorry but it's true) voting against him because of his life on the side. He definitely deserves to be there, his voice is just amazing (NOT TO MENTION LOOKS...) I could go on forever, but all in all I think he should still be there.


I think David H was robbed. His song wasn't the greatest but he has an awesome voice. You know it's true. There were four others that were way worse and if it was only one bad week that got him eliminated why is Ramiel still there??? Week after week she is struggling...and Kristy, are you kidding me???


Simple (and most likely) explanation. . .fewer people liked David Hernandez than the other contestants in a very close race with 29 million voters, all with their own subjective opinions. He still got a million (or millions) of votes. But gee, could it actually be true that a slim majority of people have a different opinion than me? That can't be!! I'm always right! It must be a conspiracy! Yeah, that's it! A conspiracy!


Elisabeth Hasselbeck is nothing but a hairbrain. Barbara Walters only has her on The View because of the shock factor Elisabeth brings to the show with her dumb comments and ridiculous views. Eventually when Barbara Walters exhausts her bank of good co- host, the show will be left with Elisabet Hasselbeck and Joy Behar and ABC will have no choice but to change the show's name from The View to The Hairbrain and The Hag.
Elisabeth needs to stay home, watch Regis & Kelly and take care of her children- Lord knows they're suffering enough already just being her chidlren.
She has no right commenting about anything else especially American Idol.
Oh Rosie - we need you!!!!!


CONSPIRACY! I always vote in the last half hour becuase the lines arent busy (been doin it for 6 seasons) And over half the times I tried to vote for David H it didnt go through. I voted four my 4 other favs who were all VERY popular that night and it went through each time NO PROBLEM! Come on people wake up....


Absolutely a conspiracy! The judges loved him until the stripper story broke then they became very cold. Come on - we know there were much worst performers that deserved to go. David has great vocals (Paula agreed). Elisabeth - have him on the View.


CONSPIRACY! David was short changed and he deserves to be there on the show, he should be singing on stage next week. I've heard from dozens of people who said that when they concluded their phone vote, it said that their vote was recorded for contestant #8. And it happened more than just a few times too. Something is AMISS here.


i think its a conspiracy too.
because its true that he did bad,
but he still was NOT the WORST of the night.
there were at least 3 others i would have picked to go home first.
so i think that because he did so poorly that would be the perfect time for them to block his calls or whatever.
because people would assume its just because he did bad.

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