New York Governor Busted in Prostitution Ring

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New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer spoke out Monday, admitting to a shocking story which reported that he's been linked to a prostitution ring.

"I have acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family ... I apologize first, most importantly, to my family, I apologize to the public," said Spitzer.

"I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family," he also said, adding he would not be taking any questions.

Spitzer did not state whether he would step down as governor, but said he would be "reporting back in short order" on what he intended to do.

The Democratic Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer (with wife Slida), had aspirations of being president one day, many thought. Now his career is in peril.

The New York Times reported that Spitzer informed his most senior officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, as was determined by a wiretap.

CNN, said that Spitzer was identified as a client of the ring, which is upscale and expensive. CNN quoted a price of $3,000 an hour.

The 48-year-old has been married since 1987 to Silda Wall. They have three children: Alyssa, 18, Sarabeth, 15, and Jenna, 13.

Spitzer graduated from Harvard Law and became an assistant district attorney before entering private practice. He was elected attorney general in 1998.

Elected governor in 2006, Spitzer promised sweeping reforms. One of the rising stars of the Democratic party, his aspirations may have just evaporated.

This bombshell was just about the only thing that could pry the nation away from the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - and make it seem tame.


Nothing can surprise me anymore in this world! So this was Ashley Alexandra Dupre as the prostitute on this video with Governor Eliot?


So sad for Spitzer's wife and girls. This fool has put his family in a gut wrenching situation. Been there, done that. The pain is torturous. Being so public adds multiple dimensions to the pain. Peace be with Slida and the girls.


.....just watched a guy on some very big news station say that Spitzer "didn't have the street get away with it...." and then he went on to say how other political figures in the past had this so called "street-smarts" I guess what he was saying that Spitzer needed the street smarts?? lol....street smarts.....could someone define this "street smarts"...and how is it used in these types of public jobs.....?...


But OhEliot, it doesnt seem to have crashed your computer, you lying piece of sh*t. Do us all a favor and stay off of websites such as this one that teach you how to improve your skills with women. It would kill me to know that you might populate the next generation.


You have spam on your page that crashes computers. Please remove it! Spitzer gonna be buried. Buried. Wait and see what happens on Wednesday. I'm doing my happy dance.


Give the guy a break. So, he slept with a prostitute. Big deal. So what. He also prosecuted a ton of folks who did much worse.


one word sums him up 'kike'


This country is sick! We have runaway oil prices, 4K lives and 3 trillion dollars down the tubes in Iraq, inflation out the ying-yang, an idiot President wanting to start a war with Iran before his term is up and, oh yeah, destitute people still living on the streets or in FEMA trailers and all we worry about is a guy getting laid. This country is so screwed up we don't realize that we're all taking it up the butt hole. We got too many pussies running the show. Men and women don't always mature along the same sexual lines. Sex is a very necessary component of normal life. Wifey don't wanna do you, find someone who will. End of story.

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