Desperate Tori Spelling Wants to Star in Beverly Hills 90210 Remake

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Tori Spelling has done nothing of substance since Beverly Hills, 90210. Now, the desperate action wants to go back to her past.

Spelling has made it clear she wants a role on the Beverly Hills, 90210 remake the CW is hilariously developing.

"My dad always wanted to do a new version of 90210, so I'm sure he will be beaming from above!" Spelling said. "And I'd love to somehow be a part of it. That as well would make my dad proud!"

What kind of role does the awful actress envision for herself?

"Well, I am a mom now, proud to say, but obviously too young to have a teenager, so maybe I could be one of the main character's young stepmom," said Spelling, who is expecting her second child. "Playing the funny sex ed teacher at the high school would be funny, too, considering Donna Martin was America's most infamous virgin."

Do you wanna see Tori Spelling in the Beverly Hills, 90210 remake?


I love Tori Spelling...i dont know why everyone is so hard on her...she is so funny! and she is not a whore, has anyone read her book? she was just in a few abusive relationships thats all. Can you blame her? Her parents took no part in raising her.


I am not so interested in a remake as a "Reunion" show. I would love for everyone to come back so we can see how thier lives turned out and where they all ended up. Now THAT would be worth watching....... then do your remake! ;)


I would love to see Tori Spelling in the remake.. I would also love to see any of the old characters, but kelly... Because she drove me crazy...... BRENDA would be nice..


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