David Hernandez: Confirmed as Former Nude Dancer!

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Looks like previous reports that David Hernandez worked at an all-male bar as a less-than-fully dressed bartender are valid.

The manager of a male strip club in Phoenix says the 24-year-old performed in the buff at the establishment for three years, ending in September 2007.

"He had the look and the type that people like, so he made pretty good money here," Gordy Bryan, manager of Dick's Cabaret, told the Associated Press.

Former Stripper

Does this mean Hernandez's future on American Idol is in jeopardy? The past is unclear on the question.:

In 2003, finalist Frenchie Davis was removed from the running once it was revealed her picture appeared on an adult Web site... but last year Antonella Barba stayed in the competition, despite seemingly being caught giving a blow job on camera.

Meanwhile, certain celebrity gossip sites have been spreading a supposedly scandalous photo of Ramiele Malubay around the Internet. What might that mean for the talented young singer?

Most likely, nothing.


Dave you are one of the sexiest guys to step in front of the camera, so don't let nothing stop you from sharing your love or anything else you want to share. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.


you know with all the stupid stuff this is the icing on the cake. I mean good god its the past so let the past be the past and if he is gay then so be it it does not matter he does have a great body and a great voice tmz and everyone else need to drop it let see could we dig up the past from other people and or your past if we did what would we find out ? serious we need to leave the guy alone and focous on all of our own lives.. god bless and kick ass david


David, you are the BOMB! It's too bad this all came out now, because it really isn't a big deal. But because it didn't come from you, it's big news to everyone who doesn't know you. You have your loyal fans, we love you for your GREAT singing, because you're handsome and you worked hard to put yourself through college with onone's help and without having to steal or deal drugs. I hope now that this is out, you can sing with more tranquility and be your best (if it's possible to be better than you already are!) Remember, we love you in CALI and we got your back! ROCK ON DAVID HERNANDEZ!!!!


Just realize that because a guy strips at a gay club - doesnt necessarily make him gay....not that t heres anything wrong with that. Considering all the PLANTS with professional experience and ties to AI producers and or record labels, a male stripper isnt that big a deal --- esp if there are no nude photos of him circulating....and youd think if there were, theyd be out by now.....see frenchie davis

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