David Cook Rocks the House on American Idol

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Tuesday's American Idol featured the top 10 contestants performing songs from the year they were born. You'll be happy to know that not a single contestant â€" they are all far too young â€" sang anything by the Beatles, for a change!

It was a night of strong performances, but one stole the show.

Born in 1982, David Cook finished out the night with a stunning, brave performance of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." Cook slowed the dance track down, rocked it out and created an entirely new vibe for a very familiar song.

Randy Jackson described it as "original," "bold" and "molten hot." Paula Abdul was "blown away" while Simon Cowell, acknowledging the risk of changing the song so much, remarked on the singer's bravery and called David Cook "amazing."

David Cook might be the new frontrunner on American Idol after this.

Earlier, defying expectations, Kristy Lee Cook finally had a good night!

The cutie chose to perform "God Bless the U.S.A.," by Lee Greenwood from 1984, adding her familiar country twang. The judges liked it and praised Kristy Lee Cook for picking a both a "poignant" and "respectful" song.

Simon Cowell called it the "most clever" song choice he'd heard in years. We are pretty sure he was actually serious, as well.

The judges also seemed to like David Archuleta but only Cowell seemed to recognize his song (He sang "You're the Voice" by John Farnham).

They weren't quite feeling Carly Smithson, although she mastered "Total Eclipse of the Heart," but they loved Michael Johns, who combined two Queen songs, opening with "We Will Rock You" and finishing with "We Are the Champions."

But David Cook definitely owned the night.

Randy called him "the most original, the most bold contestant we've ever had" and suggested he "might be the one to win the whole lot."

Could Jackson be right? You tell us. Who do you think had the best - and the worst - performances from Tuesday's American Idol?

Here's David Cook doing "Billie Jean" from last night ...



Davd cook was the best of the night by far!!!
He's amazingly talented!!
He deserves to win!
I <3 him!
Can't wait to buy his cd.


David a is the best. Time for Jason to go.


DAVID COOK IS AAAAAWSOME!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?


he didnt take credit ryan stated it was chris cornells version when he introduced the song


Ha.....and a smug Michael Johns thought he had put all rockers in his pocket last night with finally his first decent song.......but did you see the look on his face on stage after DAVID COOK performed?????!!!!! Go David C!
David Archuleta sounds good, but I can't imagine sitting through an entire concert of just him. Yawn!
Brooke and Jason are terrific, but are currently being underrated. The rest can get off the show anytime.


He is walking talent. Who would you like to give credit to for his version of Hello to Other Kelly.
Wether he wins or not this guy will be going places


I admit David Cook did a great job, but not original. Check out Chris Cornells version. Sound familiar? I think taking credit for someone else's vision is fraud!

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