David Cook Rocks the House on American Idol

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Tuesday's American Idol featured the top 10 contestants performing songs from the year they were born. You'll be happy to know that not a single contestant â€" they are all far too young â€" sang anything by the Beatles, for a change!

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    My favorite is Adam. But I rellay don't know who will win Everybody this year is so much more professional than last year.As for last year, I think it is better that David Archuleta DIDN'T win, because he has so much going for him, and he won't be tied to Idol like David Cook will. Go Archie!


    first of all, he is not original at all, if u find copying another people's work 'original',then you're crazy, its fraud.. and by the way, Nicole, u said "i think DA is jealous of DC's voice", wow, dc has the raspiest voice i've ever heard, comparing his raspy voice to DA's amazing golden vocals is just a laugh. . . . . . . .. .. . . let cook enjoy his 30 secs of fame, coz its almost up.....


    david cook is a cutie.He deserved to be the american idol.I think david Archelata is jealous of DAVID COOK's singing voice DAVID COOK ROCKS


    To All Cookies,

    Please vote for David Cook. DA's fans can vote non stop for their idol, we cookies can do it too.....for our David Cook!

    He wants to win this and only we can make it happen. Vote! Vote! Vote non stop for David Cook!

    Let David Cook be the American Idol & lives his dream.

    See what Cookey says on AI website:-
    What do you think gives you the edge in this competiion?
    DC: I don't know if I have one, but I know that nobody can say they've worked harder for this or have wanted it more than me.


    david cook is just amazing...i am not actually familiar with chris cornell's version until david sang his version of the song...i downloaded chris' version and i think david's version was much better...it is more appealing to my ears...people shouldn't make a big deal out of it...and in fairness, david's version was not an exact copy of chris'...these people should be thankful to david because if it wasn't for him we wouldn't know that their versions even existed...
    GO DAVID COOK!Don't mind the people who make these controversies they just don't appreciate your thing but I do and some people do and that's what matters...


    David, I hope you get a chance to read this! You are absolutey pure rock and soulful at anything you sing. I've never seen anyone come alive the way you do or put so much of himself into his creations. I'm probably not the typical age of an American Idol viewer but I see genuiness and sincerity and a deep soulful commiment to what you love most. Youre devotion to your family and your music will carry you anywhere. Lots of Love...Amina XOXOXOXO


    David Cook is star quality today, now! He is in a league far superior to the other contestants. Will he win? Doesn't matter. I'll buy his songs.


    i loved this performance so much, i thought it was the best of the night and the best he has ever done. but he wasnt as original as all the judges thought. when ryan introduced him, he said he would be singing chris cornells verison. ive heard the chris cornell version and i didnt like it at all. davids voice just makes the song amazing. i dont care what song he does, he always does it good. he deserves to win.


    i really hoped it is gonna be John Bon Jovi (David Cook) against Michael Hutchins (Micheal Johns), but instead i'm gonna get the Miss America Pageant. And the crown goes to David Archuleta!


    I think people are jealous of David Cook because his cover over cover sounds ten times better and their afraid that if he makes it big they will lose to him!That's why they keep ambushing him ! leave him alone ! he doesn't have choice but to sing other artist music! I know that if he could sings his own music I know he will win idols fan over!! He already won my heart!!

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