Co-Workers of Carly Smithson Shower Her with Praise

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We're a little afraid to hear what former co-workers of David Hernandez would say about that American Idol contestant.

But TMZ spoke to some of Carly Smithson's former co-workers San Diego Irish bar The Field. Here's what they had to say about the Irish singer:

  • Carly, who started out as a server and got promoted to bartender, is easy-going and good-natured.
  • Hr specialty was serving Guinness beer with hearts and shamrock shapes in the foam.
  • She loved making bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Sorry, PETA.

Even after a failed album on MCA Records in 2001, Smithson would often sing at the bar after her Saturday night shift.

How far can Carly Smithson go on American Idol? We'd wager that she makes the top six at least.

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Guess we all thought she'd be going on to the next show. Sorry Carly, it was folks like us that didn't vote that got you booted off, not your singing OR choice of song!! She'll go along way with her voice and no doubt, MCA is going to be sorry as I am for not voting. Good Luck to a fellow Irishman!


She was the best talent on the show, I hope she does produce an album I,m sure she will be a success.........I like american idol but obviously many people vote for every reason except talent,
the show will not be the same without Carley but I'm looking forward to buying her first CD.
Good Luck Carley


I think Carly is the only one who appeared unfazed with every "promotion" she got on Idol each week; She seemed to feel the same on stage as she does off it. However, there has been a change in this, since her Rocker friend left the show. Idol pressures are finally catching up with Carly, I reckon. She seemed a little distracted in her last 2-3 performances. Nonetheless, this woman is in a class of her own. She's going places. Good for you, Carly!


I was very upset by her being voted off AI Wednesday. She was one of the best singers on this season (along with David C) or any season. She was voted off way too soon. She will be like Chris Daughtry and do just fine without winning AI. She is BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED - I wish her all the best!! She did always seem very nice.


I was really sad to see her go tonight. I think she is the best singer this year. Plus she is beautiful, and her tattoos just makes her that much cooler. I guess now I will have to root for Jason Castro.


Actually the best performer and vocal talent this season. who cares about the if she had a prior record. She can sing. Is everyone familiar with the process when it comes to someone signing with a record company.....might want to think about that. America is about a popularity contest and borders on a racist and conformist society. A non American with talent and Tats? hmm maybe a bit unconventional for the narrow minded. She will go on to do great things. Middle american with blonde hair and blue eyes and no tats


Carly's voice is just beautiful and so is she. I wish more people would look beyond the surface and just listen to her. Prejudices and pre-conceived ideas can be so unfair. I wish Carly nothing but the best and lots of success in the future.


An amazing, special, huge voice. Win or lose, Carly's a gem, regardless of the song she's performing. I'll listen to her singing the phone book. I can't believe MCA blew it with her album a few years ago. Though not all the songs suited her, she gave great performances. Can't believe I blew it by not seeing her perform at The Field, either. She'll not be doing that again, I'm sure.


OMG, you're right! But she's a beautiful girl.

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