Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Miley Cyrus

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When it comes to being a teen role model, Miley Cyrus only has competition from herself.

Sure, young fans scream and drool over Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, but let's get real. In the pantheon of popular child stars, there's Miley - and then there's everyone else.

Mugler Shot

Therefore, it's appropriate that we pit the Hannah Montana portrayer against herself in the following celebrity fashion face-off. Let us know which look you like best on the singer:

Dark and curly hair? Or lighter locks with bangs?

No matter how she appears in public, Miley Cyrus can look forward to legions of adoring fans following her every move.

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hi i like miley with her dark and curly hair she defintly look more glamour and gorgeous, but i kow you didn't sau this option but i really like her with dark and straitght haire


i love her hair light.
without bangs though.
she should try a side bang...thats what i hav and i love it...lol
she is goregous.
but about the biography.
more famous than the beatles....hahaha
no offence
her audience is children not adults.
she is really pretty though..i give her props for makin it big..!
lots ove love.


i like it dark
i hate the new haircut but hey thats just me im not her so yeah im not judeing cuz im a huge fan but thats just what i think.....


i love miley cyrus hair both ways dark and light she always looks good


i love the dark clored culiy hair better


me persnilly i like the hair darker and culier because it is so much easirer for me and it looks better on me i love it it is so fun to play with it and it feels so good when its under the wig cuse it feels really good


Miley Cyrus is So buitiful from the make up to the hair and she looks like a real pop star inside and out


i love how Miley is always looking her best and she is really preety and i wish i could look like her she is the most preetest gril and she is my biggest romodel inside to out


defo lighter and bangs, it makes her look real and she should be proud of her ginger hair!


I love her in lighter hair & bangs she looks alot more youthful!! She is beautiful either way I just like this new look alot better you rock MILEY!!