Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Miley Cyrus

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When it comes to being a teen role model, Miley Cyrus only has competition from herself.

Sure, young fans scream and drool over Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, but let's get real. In the pantheon of popular child stars, there's Miley - and then there's everyone else.

Mugler Shot

Therefore, it's appropriate that we pit the Hannah Montana portrayer against herself in the following celebrity fashion face-off. Let us know which look you like best on the singer:

Dark and curly hair? Or lighter locks with bangs?

No matter how she appears in public, Miley Cyrus can look forward to legions of adoring fans following her every move.

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Dear Hannah dont listen to what others say about u alot of people like how u sing round here


thats just wrong miley is the best, you think other singers dont makeup when they on stage and sing and she doesnt look that bad in the other picture too and you know what i think that she sings better then other singers and even though she makeups she looks preetier than other girls who sing so juss shut up people who hate hannah, i love wht samantha said and yea she s doing her best that she can


a rolemodel? lol! she looks white trashy in both!


she looks better in miley's getup.........


Dear Miley, I love you! Your are great with both hairstyles! You are perfect to me, I just love you so much! You are very cute and colorful Hello Kitty sweetie cutie girl! You are my idol and my role model! And you have a great sense of fashion! If someone thinks you are stupid or ugly they are stupid! I think you are the best! Your eyes are beautiful and they sparkle like shooting stars on a pretty night! You smile better than everybody I know! You sing like an angel sent from heaven! And I want you to know that you are the one who gave me the courage to stand up and sing!I admire you! And we have the same birthday, November 23 ! Love yor cute and colorful Hello Kitty sweetie cutie little girl best friend forever, Chloe Xiamara Angel Williams! Bye Destiny.


I love the darker colour, but i like the old style.
But the newer style is good too i guess.


i think the second one is wayy prettier.
its more natural.


light hair with bangs it is much more natural


Hey, To me Miley looks better in darker hair! She does look beautiful both ways but to me i like her better in dark heir...it suits her!!I LOVE YOU MILEY!!!!!!(L)(K):P:D


what a loser. go back to your white trash home and stop makiing that audio garbage you call music. you are so perky it gets on my last nerves. young teen girls don't need that much makeup she is such a wannabe trying to look like some young adult. stop polluting the top 40 with your stupid, pointless songs