CBS Criticized Over Britney Spears Commercial

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In case you didn't see it 30 times while watching the NCAA basketball tournament action in the last four days, here's the ad CBS has been showing during games to promote Britney Spears' guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother:


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We know we're in the gossip business, but this seems harmless enough, right? Well it's not alright with columnist Michael McCarthy of USA Today, who writes:

Who's the genius behind the lame promo during CBS' coverage of the tournament Saturday and Sunday about Britney Spears' appearance on How I Met Your Mother? In the clip from tonight's episode, Spears' flirty receptionist asks Neil Patrick Harris' character if they can have sex, then go shopping. Cute. We know Hollywood loves to outrage the squares in Middle America. But there are kids watching these games.

Come on USA Today. We see your point, but Hollywood trying to outrage middle America with HIMYM promos? That's a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

The only thing bad about this commercial is Britney Spears' acting. Which is pretty darn awful. If this is a career "comeback," we shudder to think what's next.


This is a good comeback for her is a second chance for her to get back on her feets even if you all think is weird.But we all need a second chance. Let her feel good about her self and maybe we all will see the good in her.


you guys need to give her a break!!! she is trying and that is what matters. and since there are complaints about what the children watch, why dont you take a look at what is really on tv that you either do or dont know your kids are watching. give britney a break and let her do her thing to get back on her feet.


I actually agree with the article. A sporting event is not the time to have that kind of promo. Kids do indeed watch - whole families. While I couldn't care less about the show itself being promoted, I do think they shouldn't do that particular line at that moment. While I believe that parents are the best censors - we're not talking a prime time drama here - we're talking about a game.


Not a career comeback a start. Get it out of your heads! Baby steps and she is doing well.


well you make it seem like she got nominated for an emmy or a gg. stupid, she has a guest appearance on the season premiere of some sitcom, which is actually kindof brilliant for all parties involved. where some people wouldn't catch this episode for $100 bucks, now they will to see just for curiosity. so the producers just found a way to bait a new audience, even if it's just once, but some viewers might actually get it & tune in for more- smart smart smart. and for as for ms spears, it could be as simple as getting tabloid attn for something work related & valid that makes it worth it. other career opportunities related would just be the icing on the cake.


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