Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears Engagement Confirmed!

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In case you didn't believe it when we reported two days ago that Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge got engaged, his cousin as confirmed it!

The pregnant, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn and her 18-year-old boyfriend Casey are indeed engaged, his cousin, Tina Robinson, confirms to Us Weekly.

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"He proposed a few days ago, and she accepted," Robinson said..

Robinson says she hasn't seen a ring and didn't know whether they would wed before or after Jamie Lynn Spears delivers.

"They probably weren't expecting [the proposal] to be, like, right now, but with her being pregnant, that really pushed it up," Robinson said.

In December, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge announced amid a storm of controversy that they were expecting their first child together.

The younger sister of Britney Spears and the star of the Nickelodeon hit Zoey 101 has been laying low in Kentwood, La., and recently got her GED.

Guess the engagement clears up any rumors that Casey is not the father.

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what is wrong with u u r only 16 live a good and happy life stay confident and do what is write


im happy that jamie lynn is


Casey is a b****.he's probably gonna merry her then take half her money and then leave her and i think she doesn't deserve that


i think it is great they are getting married. + he is frucking hot!!! (;
i hope Jamie Lynn the best of luck in her mother hood, and if i were her i wouldnt take any advice from her sister no offense i love brtney buuut yeah, ya know?


Let's just hope aunty Britney doesn't get a say in her baby's life...why do i have a feeling Jamie's going in the same direction as her sister..? And as for being engaged at long do you think that will last?! this is such a joke.


I think she is to young she is growing in her sisters footsteps!!!! If she wants to act like Brittany then go ahead!!!! some role model


o my gosh i cant believe that they are engaged
i do hope that this guy is not like k-fed (britney's x) and please let the baby be Female!!!!


Lets just pray for the baby


I hope she makes the right decision in weather to get married or not. shes pregnant and has a lot of hormones and she should just have the child and see if this guy can even be a good dad. Im sure he'll be fine but you dont wana get stuck woth a lazy idot!


im glad to hear there engaged. I'll bet jamie lynn will do a better job then britany spears ever did.

Jamie Lynn Spears Biography

Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant?
Ding dang it y'all! Jamie Lynn Spears went and got cute little ass pregnant at a mere 16 years of age. The father is some guy named Casey... More »
McComb, Mississippi
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Jamie Lynn Marie Spears

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More than anything, I just want this baby to have a normal life.

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I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.

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