Carly Smithson Pregnant? Not So, Singer Says

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Last night's American Idol saw a farewell to Chikezie.

It also marked the end of what would have been a major bombshell, but now appears to be nothing more than standard American Idol gossip.

Contestant Carly Smithson, whose singing background has made her a frequent target of controversy as it is, was rumored to be pregnant.

Dressed in a somewhat frumpy get-up, Carly Smithson had a bathroom break before performing on American Idol Tuesday. Did she throw up?

One of this season's favorites from the get-go, a non-pregnant Carly Smithson performed strongly on American Idol, soaring safely into next week's final nine.

Pregnant celebrities are all the rage, so you knew this rumor had legs - but it turns out she just dresses poorly and had to use the bathroom like everybody else.

Carly Smithson used last night's results show to address rumors that she is pregnant, telling Ryan Seacrest: "Apparently I'm pregnant â€" but I'm not!"


Gosto bastante do Ben ex intenragte do Ev,creio q se a Amy pode continuar no mundo musical com a sua linda voz e as incredveis composie7f5es ele tbm tem q dar um rumo na vida dele.Ele e9 um f3timo musico,e sem duvida alguma ele e a Amy formavam uma dupla maravilhosa...pena q eles ne3o continuaram dando certo : (


OMG I LOVE CAR I CANT BELIVE SHE IS GONE.. she is an amzing singer, she'll go far!!


My worst fear came true when Carly Smithson was voted off idol. It has become quite apparent now that this is merely a popularity contest as she was, and is clearly, one of the two most talented contestants with a huge vocie, the other obviously being David Cook. Don't get that one wrong America! But, not to worry Carly.......big things are in your future, and those of us who know and appreciate good talent will be there to support you!


leave her alone its her buisness not ours. leave her to her own buisness this is how britney spears went all wacko


Like the other people said, who cares if she's pregnant or not? This is a singing competition and she's absolutely great as far as I'm concerned. And as for the whole outfit thing, at this point, other people are dressing her, so it's them doing the terrible job, not her. All in all, she definately has my vote!


omg leave her alone she is an amazing singer, and thats the reason she is here.nobody is perfect but cant u just let some flaws go?
its her business if she is there is nothing wrong with that !
go get um ur beautiful and an amazing singer no matter wat they think


it's not like it's a bid deal!!
she's married and she's a big girl!
what she does outside of american idol is her business, not ours!
not saying i wasn't interested at first but it's her life, let her live it how she wants!
she'll still be the greatest singer ever!!

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