Byron Velvick & Mary Delgado: So Happy Together

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Former star of The Bachelor Byron Velvick has gotten past a violent, late-2007 fight that resulted in a jailed, strung-out Mary Delgado mug shot.

"We're going day by day, on our own time," the pro fisherman, 43, says of life with his fiancée in the newest issue of Us Weekly.

Aren't they sweet? Matt Grant, this kind of happiness is what you're up against in your search for love on The Bachelor this spring ...

Byron Velvick, Mary Delgado Photos

These lovely photos show The Bachelor couple in a state of marital bliss. Or at least bliss. No couple from 11 seasons of the show has actually gotten married. None.

The couple, who got engaged after she won the final rose on TV back in 2004, are going strong these days despite a pre-Thanksgiving fight â€" Mary wanted to stay out later, Byron was ready to call it a night â€" that resulted in Delgado being arrested and charged with assault. Naturally. Charges were later dropped.

"You weather through stuff, work harder," Velvick says, "and you come to a better understanding if the love is real.

Adds Mary Delgado: "He's awesome."

Just don't cross her again.


I never watched an episode of The Bachelor until they started showing the reruns on VH1. Now I've seen them all up to the Byron/Mary season. Byron (to me) was definitely the best catch of all the bachelors. I LOVED the ending, it was soooo sweet & touching. I'm glad to know they are still together.


What bugs me so much about Mary, is she was constantly whining about her biological clock ticking during Bachelor 4 (with Bob Guiney). Her agenda was to get married and start a family immediately. Not happening then or now! I don't believe Byron will ever marry her. He is a "true" bachelor through and through...


As a twist, the show brought back Mary and Heather from a previous Bachelor show. Mary and Byron had an immediate connection and it was nice to see them fall in love. I think they make a good match. The thing that annoys me is that after FOUR YEARS he still has not married her. He knew going into it that she wanted to marry and start a family. She is now 40 or 41 and her biological clock is ticking. If he was not ready to get married and start a family as he claimed, then he should not have chosen Mary just to dash her dreams. I am not surprised that she decked him! I am only shocked it took her four years to blow! This is the perfect scenario of Byron getting the milk for free.


I suspect the reasons are as varied as the women on the show. Some are obviously there to be on tv, some are clearly there to win the contest, even if they don't really want the "prize". Some of them may like the idea of getting sent to fantasy locations. Some may think, "Why not? At least it's different." Some may believe in fate putting them together with the right person. Some may just be trying to make a change in their lives. Take any diverse group of 25 women, and you'll probably get 27 reasons for doing something. :)




Doesn't seem like the kind of iformation worth getting upset over.


In my opinion, Byron was the best looking and the nicest Bachelor. I didn't see anything special about Matt of this season and don't think He and Shayne will last. What I don't understand though, is this. Why do all those attractive women think that they can find love by going on a show like this and competing for one guy's affections? And why are they all so in love with that one guy in such a short period of time? Crazy, isn't it? I think that many of them just want a chance to be on TV. What do you think?


Mary is my favorite of all time (along with Trista). It's sad to see Mary look so sad in that awful mug shot. I wish her the very best...she deserves it!


To be more accurate, there have been 12 seasons of the Bachelor and 4 seasons of the Bachelorette (couting the current one with DeAnna). Not one couple from the Bachelor has gotten married, except possibly Matt and Shayne this weekend in Vegas. Byron and Mary are the only other hopefuls. From the Bachelorette, only Trista and Ryan have gotten married. We await DeAnna's decision. I do hope she picks Jason. What do you all think?


I watched the show for the 1st time today (not a reality junkie like that). I liked the show, Shoot! It made me tear up at the end lol I'm not going to lie, it felt sooo real when Byron asked Mary to marry him. So being to the nosy person I am, I googled their name to see if they are still together. Welp besides the battery charges (that they looked past) they are still together.....and been together for quite some time (given the fact they met on a reality show lol) I doubt they are reading this but I hope they last a long time, and don't rush into marriage lol a certificate does not validate your love. Take your time, when it happens it will happen.... But if mary is planning on having babies she needs to hurry up lol... I'm sorry she's 40 and having a baby that late in age could cause health issues if they are going the good ole fashion humpin and grinding way

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