Britney Spears on TV Could Be a Regular Thing

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Troubled pop star Britney Spears might be rethinking her day job, if only because she is crazy and can't sing to keep her from getting into trouble.

The New York Post reports that Britney's dad, Jamie, wants her to do more TV because it's a "normal 9-to-5 job," or something sort of like that.

Oh Mah Gawd

It will "keep her working and out of trouble," Jamie Spears thinks. Given her track record of clubbing with no underwear on, it's hard to argue with him.

Britney Spears' guest role on How I Met Your Mother, in which she played a dorky, bubbly and cute receptionist, was considered an image-building success.

Jamie has looking around for more TV work for Britney, and is "exploring several offers for Britney to have her own show." Ummmm, okay.

In any event, Tina Fey - writer, creator and star of NBC's hit comedy 30 Rock - said that she would welcome the singer for a guest spot on her show.

That is, if only she could get in touch with her.


Boy, one stunt casting bit part, and they think she's Meryl Streep.


Britney, You can do anything that you put your mind to. You are a beautiful young women. Dont' let Keven or anyone else mess up your life again.
There is nothing more important in life tha to have your children and to be healthy and happy.
You can have it all. You sons are precious. They need a mother that loves them and wants them, and I know that you do.
Don't let anyone push you over the edge. You are in the lead and you don't have to give in to the paparratzi. You are God's precious child and he will lead and give you encouragement. Don't ever bee afraid to ask him. That is why he is by your side. Good luck in all you do.
sincerly, tammy


Britney is not that skinny in real life - just like her Pieces of Me vid, they did some MAJOR airbrushing to make her look slim for that episode...look at the aforementioned pic...her neck is totally scrawny!


I never saw the show be for but i did like it and Brt did Good even ive been MAd at Her !!! Keep Up^ the Good Work :) Oh And i Luv the nurse for rossann Rebel,,,


Yeah.. that's what we all want!


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