Britney Spears Appears, Kills Self on South Park

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Looks like Britney Spears' "return to TV" doesn't end with How I Met Your Mother - the troubled singer was also featured on Wednesday night's South Park!

Okay, sort of.


On the episode, Britney Spears escapes to South Park, Colorado, to go camping to get away from everything. The celebrity news media follows her there, and when the boys sneak into her room, disguised as Sean and Jayden, to take a picture of Britney, she can't handle it anymore and blows off her own head with a shotgun.

It was basically an episode stating that the celebrity gossip media is killing Britney Spears slowly, something we all know at this point, right?

Here's a clip from the episode, taking place after Britney Spears has blown off her head. It's pretty disturbing even by South Park standards ...



I agree with Kyle and Stan, she's had enough, just leave her alone already


This episode has highlighted the bullying and harassment of Britney and predicts it will lead to her suicide which is practically murder as it has been caused by the industry that revolves around gossip about her. This episode is talking to YOU dummy. South park have accused YOU bullying and harassing a girl and if britney does top herself the blood will be on YOUR hands. That is their point. Obviously you need this spelled out to you. And don't bother replying to me because I am never going to look at a pic of Britney again.


amen arron. (im just sayin that flash, that vid was awsome)


are you seriously leaving a link for a britney spears sex tape in your comment? this is an article about a show depicting britney killing herself as a result of constant harassment, and you post a sex tape video, that is absurd. whatever happened to people having respect and dignity for themselves as well as others?


karen, you're an idiot.


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