Ashley Dupre on Modeling Site ... as Ashley DiPietro

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More and more of the background of Ashley Dupre is coming into focus.

The 22-year-old woman at the center of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution ring sex scandal may have marketed herself on a modeling and acting site.

"Kristen," as the petite, brown-eyed brunette was named in a court filing, is legally Ashley DiPietro (full name Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro), according to the New York Times. Her stage name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

Got all that?

A website called features a profile of a cute, 5-foot-3 girl, age 22, with brown hair and brown eyes, named Ashley DiPietro.

It appears, in our estimation, to be one and the same. Check out these seductive Ashley Dupre / Ashley DiPietro photos and see for yourself...

Ashley DiPietro, the legal name of Ashley Dupre, is the high-end hooker at the center of the sex scandal that brought down New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

In other interesting Ashley Dupre news, being outed as part of a prostitution ring has given an unexpected boost to the aspiring singer's music career.

New York's Z100, the most widely listened to radio station in the U.S., and one of the most influential, played her song "What We Want" on Thursday.

Since her identity was revealed, Dupre's MySpace page has had more than 5 million profile views - and growing - as of Thursday and the price of "What We Want" on Amie Street - a site which prices downloads on popularity, was up to 98 cents.

A second single, "Move ya Body," was also selling for 98 cents.

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people don't know what she's been through. not to say what she did is right or wrong, but people are so quick to judge others its disgusting. i bet everyone who wrote something dick about her on this page, has something others could make fun of themselves for.


I agree with the posters saying you people have no right to judge or condemn Ashley. If there's one thing you can condemn it's our society. Prostitution is bad and illegal, why the hell we still have prostitues in everywhere in the world? The answer is simple: because our society is hypocrite. Men like former Gov Spitzer is doubly guilty. He represented the law enforcement -he was DA wasn't he?- and he patronized prostitution. He rid us of prostitution rings and paid hookers for fun. He is the bad guy, NOT Ashley.
Did she destroy his career? He did it himself.
Now she has some opportunities to win money without whoring. And you people take a jab at her for taking the opportunities. Do you just want to push Ashley back to her "escort" job? I am wondering, who are the bad guys?


According to the news, Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been sleeping with many differents pros. for over number of years.
Miss Ashley seemed to do a satisfaction job than the others.


I feel bad for her parents, how embarassing! Just think,what if you found out your daughter is a whore, and if that isn't bad enough, the girl doesn't have enough brain power to know who she's servicing! HA!


She's a dirty whore who's using her whore lifestyle to make money/get rich. Pathetic.


Don't be mad at her. She is a survivor like all of us. If someone did something wrong was Eliot Spitzer. You can't assume that you have evreything under control becuase you were a Governor. I stay by her side and I'm sure she will overcome all this negative comments.


What the hell is wrong with people? She was not a sex slave. She provided a service and he choose to purchase that service. If you go to the nail pay for the service provided and they do not care about what you got going on at home or what you do in life. It is the same. But, for can not prosecute other people for doing what you are doing yourself. I just don't think people should look at her like a bad person. I know we all know someone who sleeps around for FREE...


Horrible voice and dirty tactics to earn money!


Myspace -- why did she take down her Myspace page & now it is back up as of March 15??? She has also allowed users & non-users of myspace to view her pictures & video. Go Figure! She is trying to cash in on herself.