Ashley Alexandra Dupre Photos: Straight Outta MySpace

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We're getting to know Ashley Alexandra Dupre pretty quickly ever since the real name of Eliot Spitzer's call girl "Kristen" was revealed by the New York Times.

Here are some pictures of the 22-year-old call girl and aspiring singer culled from her MySpace page. As you can see, Eliot Spitzer has some decent taste.

Reality Star Hodgepodge

Devoid of morals and a complete idiot, but with decent taste.

Behold, the fresh-faced, high-priced prostitute that became an unwitting aide in bringing down the Governor of New York State, Ashley Alexandra Dupre ...

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if he had a spanish girl for a wife he would not need hookers to have sex with,and hey he got what he was looking for and now k, will have all the fame she was looking for GOD BLESS AMERICA new york is a joke


Ashley's kinda cute...but I have to say, the size of her nose kind of annoys me.


What a shame. This has been going on for some time in this class of people. However, we know have a young lady and a hypocrite in a sensationalized story that is as fufilling as a marshmellow steak. Drop this...please. The end.


Nena. Que cara eres. Pero así como estas te compro.


isn't that the price for baldheaded ego maniacs to get laid by a young pretty girl? seems fair to me.


ashley, you go girl. if others would sell instead of give it away, they could be in your shoes.


Having taught highschool for 19 years I'd say most teenage girls are saying to hell with college! Can't say I blame them with everything costing so much. I'm sure this gal will go on to better things and if she plays her cards right, a book and movie deal. She's famous now so grab the bucks.



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