Ashley Alexandra Dupre Naked? You Be the Judge ...

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She's been a wild child even for Girls Gone Wild, and posed half-naked for The New York Post, but so far no photo of Ashley Alexandra Dupre nude has been found.

The same may be true even now.

Ashley Dupre From Behind

However, thanks to the unending labor of, we have found what some believe are the first Ashley Dupre nude pictures. Possibly.

The photo below was allegedly taken from the Emperor's Club VIP web site, and shows what appears to be a naked Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

We can't be certain about this, though, because hiding the escort's face is typical practice for such sites. For obvious reasons, of course.

Still, check it out and see for yourself. Some believe this girl and the hooker caught in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal are one and the same ...

A possible picture of Ashley Dupre naked. Yee-haw.

Whether or not this is Ashley Dupre, does it strike you as something you'd want to shell out $4,300 for? If you want to go home with a short girl with fake boobs, there are about two million of those in the state of New Jersey. Just saying.

Follow this link to see more photos of her at Egotastic ...

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why the fuck do you cover the goodies??? let them be!!!!!!!!!!!!!


where are the pics of her from GGW without the stars on her nipples


Ashley is so hot! Found lots of pictures from her on this site
Hope you enjoy it like i did :)


Nice, very nice


Why do people still think that men go to expensive prostitutes to have normal sex with hot girls? These girls earn more money not just because they're better looking, but because they will do seriously crazy things for money. Stuff you'd never ask your wife to do...