Another Episode of The Miley and Mandy Show

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Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux are back for another installment of The Miley and Mandy Show.

In this clip, we're given a tour of Miley's private jet. It's far from shabby. Makes us think that a career in singing/acting might be more prosperous than one based around celebrity gossip reporting...

Long Train


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Hey!I think you guys are awesome.Although I have seen some not so great pictures of Miley,I still think you rock.You should really stop taking inapropriate pictures! Luv Salma!!!


hi miley and girls are the coolest people ever. i'm 14 almost. i look up to you girls so us to be a fan of lindsay lonhen but not any more cause all of that stuff shes doing some thing of britney.please please please ya'll dont be like that cause its not even cool and the miley and mandy show rocks!


Hey guys i just want to say that u guys are idiots. (In the good way) u act like me and my friends! lol


i think that the show is stupid and they should grow up miley's like 15 and mandy 20 im 13 and act more matuer


Hey miley and mandy, you guys are so cool... everyone think you have to be perfect to be a star but you too act like me and my friend serenity.. we are on youtube too but its an old show, id really like it if you added me on msn.. anywho you too are halarious!
peace xo


you guys should do some kind of a contest ( ex: a food eating contest) oh and by the way your irrelevant episode was good (a little pointless) but funny and keep updating your show is really funnny


ok. mylie cyrus looks great. but can she act? raspberry and lavender: diaries of a lavender girl? what the heck it that? is it a new movie?


Isn't Miley Cyrus Billy Cyrus daughter? She is very talented. she car star in Raspberry & Lavender: Diaries of a Lavender Girl film as Mandii Carson


marie is really funny if you saw her right now shes goofing off right now but were listening to music really loud in the room . besides marie s birthday is coming in june 25 on a wednesday cuz she wondered if you can come to her birthday .


wowwow a a a a....... you two are just like me marie and myra my cousin do the same thing every weekend i remember both of us did a wacky thing in orlando we were in the room dancing on the bed then i fell off it was halarious and by the way were 14