American Idol: Odds to Win

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And then there were 12.

American Idol announced its finalists last night, sending four hopefuls home and naming the following contestants as this season's best. Here are our odds for who will come out on top:

• David Archuleta, 1:6. With incredible vocals and gawky teen appeal, he's a bigger favorite than the Patriots were in the Super Bowl. Then again, how did that turn out?

• David Cook, 5:2: The success of Chris Daughtry should help Cook. Idol viewers may not wish to make the same mistake as they did with that rocker.

• Carly Smithson, 3:1: Sings like a seasoned professional, maybe because she was one. Not going home any time soon.

• Jason Castro, 4:1. May look asleep half the time, but appeals to the folkie types that strum their guitars at home until all hours of the night. You know who you are.

• Michael Johns, 9:2. Early favorite, has seemed to be coasting the last two weeks. Very attractive.

• Brooke White, 6:1: We might be placing her too high, out of hope and affection. But cute underdog has cleverly gone against the loud, diva grain. Love her laid back style.

• David Hernandez, 8:1: Rumors of a gay stripping past may actually help this contender. Places him in the news, people notice when he sings quite well.

• Ramiele Malubay, 10:1. Reminds us of former American Idol finalist Paris Bennett. Tiny frame, gigantic voice. A few semi-lewd photos on Facebook.

• Kristy Lee Cook, 15:1: Hasn't sung too well yet, but the combination of cuteness and a country twang may give her a secure niche for a few weeks.

• Syesha Mercado, 18:1. Strong vocal talent, but a bit over-the-top for our taste. Your basic diva.

• Amanda Overmyer, 20:1 : The designated "rock chick" will only make news if there really are naked pictures out there, as rumors have stated. Won't be winning any titles on this show.

• Chikezie Eze, 50:1. Seems like a nice guy, but Britney Spears will win Mother of the Year before Chikezie wins American Idol.

Who do you want to win? Leave a comment. Let us know.




I think david archuleta is winning. he is so sexy i wanna play in a bed with him.


With Michael Johns Gone, IDOL SUCKS and RAN OUT OF GAS. BUH-BYE IDOL.
Besides; the weather is getting nice and I would rather be outside.


I agree except I would put Jason Castro above David Cook - Jason's Hallelujah performance was probably the best I've heard in a long time! I also liked Brooke's "love is a battlefield" another winner in my book!


Ramielle Malubay is great but my favorite here is Amanda Overmyer


David Archuleta is sooo cute. He's soooo nice too and the vocals, woah! Don't get me started. I even heard he gets tutored during rehearsals. It's so nice that he hasn't forgotten about the schoolwork. I wonder if he'll be making an appearance at this year's Kid's Choice Awards. They air MARCH 29th @ 8PM. Stay on the lookout for Mr. Archuleta. Oh yea, and Jack Black is hosting the even for a second time around. It's gonna be so awesome. I'm currently working with Nick in getting the word to the masses. The important people, you, the fans. Head on over to for more info about the nominees, FREE downloads, and check out AMERICAN IDOL's nomination for Favorite Reality Show. WHO DO YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE SLIMED ON THE SHOW? (Maybe Simon????)


Chikzie is so much better than that thing u call a boy (danny) he looks like a girl and he can just stay home


simmon sucks


So glad that little spazzoid is gone too, and I say David Archuleta all the way. You are talented and sweet. I think attitude and ego can ruin a good thing, but you are just a nice person. I would want you to be my friend whether or not you can sing. Lot of talent on this show this year, but you are the shining star for sure!


I totally agree with all of it. I hope one of the David's wins but I really like Carly as well. I was one of the angry viewers when Daughtry was kicked off...never will that happen again, I couldn't imagine anyway. But I was desperately hoping Chikezie would have gone and Danny would have stayed...he had a great voice and was entertaining. I feel like the judges are somewhat forgetting the whole purpose of this competition... Amanda can't sing...she can't. I thought Asia'h I thought did much better than Syesha or that Kristy Cook. My biggest disappointment was Kady Malloy going home. Sure she may have a stone face when she sings.....but SHE CAN SING. Isn't that the point?


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Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

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