American Idol Bids Farewell to David Hernandez

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What must Kristy Lee Cook do to get eliminated from American Idol?

No offense to the lovely singer. We'd never wish an elimination on anyone. But her butchering of a Beatles classic seemed to make her the front-runner to be voted off the show last night. Instead, David Hernandez said goodbye.

At least he has a lucrative career he can go back to...

Do you think David Hernandez deserved to go home? Who do you think is the worst performer on American Idol?


i relly feel sorry for him that he had to do that he was every good




David was a classy performer on American Idol. What he did off the set was HIS business. If he ever records, I WILL buy! I hope he makes millions just to prove to all-including American Idol- that he has talent, and that he has fans! I'll stand in line to see him! I hope Christy wins the competition and Simon has to listen to her for a whole year.


it is totally wrong to send David H. home. He is the one of the best contestants.


i coudn't believe it when he went out
i felt like crying
he should've won ai!
who cares that he was a stripper! he's TALENTED


David DID NOT deserve to go home - anyone with ears would know that. He was one of the best singers in the competition. Kristy is definately the worst (Dolly Parton on Helium), thenSyesha, Amanda, Cheikze and Michael.


imho is that he is amazing singer, (i have most of the songs on my ipod that he song on ai) however it does not surprise me at all that he
was the first one to go. i really thought that
christy was the first one to go.

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