Amanda Overmyer Dishes on American Idol Ousting, Judges

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Few were shocked when Amanda Overmyer was given the boot on American Idol Wednesday night. Including Amanda herself.

"I just know how different I am," Overmyer told reporters during a Thursday conference call. "I know that I target an older audience and a different audience maybe than American Idol provides."

She also simply didn't sing "Back in the U.S.S.R." very well earlier in the week.

Amanda is Over(myer) and out. Which American Idol contestant will be the next to go? Kristy Lee Cook? Chikezie?

As for those American Idol judges and their comments Overmyer said: "When I was done singing, I was done singing. It's just kind of like when those judges would give their comments I just wanted to be respectful and listen, but the comments weren't going to sway me one way or the other as far as what I was going to do.

The objective of being on this show was to go up there and show America me, perform like me, and look like me, and see how well it would take.

The comments from the judges are based more on the idea of trying to win, and I just had a different agenda."


Amanda was my favorite. I long for her style of music. I don't thnk she was unappreciative, she was just uncomfrotable with the venue at times. But on stage, she was pure dynamite....loved her. What I simply cannot understand is how Brook is still on this show. That poor girl puts me to sleep. And rock on David Cook!!!!


I dont think she wanted to be on AI i really dont she never acted liked she apprecated anything not even the fans that voted for her.Her attitude SUCKED it was like she was sayen I DONT CARE WHO LIKES ME im me TO BAD no one will get anywhere in show biz with that attitude so shes better off going back to being a nurse.Sorry if i make anyone mad but when i vote for someone the least they can do is show they are greatful and SMILE my lord she hated to smile.


I can't wait for her CD or concert DVD. One song enough was not enough.

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