Tim Steel: Heather Mills' Boy Toy

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Forget the gold-digging Heather Mills for a moment.

Let's focus on the unfaithful Heather Mills.

According to Great Britain's News of the World, the former model had marathon sex sessions with film editor Tim Steel for six months while she was still married to Paul McCartney.

Steel says the former call girl would even show him texts from Sir Paul before she'd ravage him with her one leg and lack of morals.

"I didn't mind; I suppose I was flattered that Heather still wanted to have sex with me despite being pursued by this musical demi-god," Steel said.

So - gulp - what was Mills like in bed, Tim?

"Heather was insatiable between the sheets and she liked to call me her four-times-a-night guy. Our record was six," he said. "Most of the time it was multiple orgasms. Heather has a very unusual erogenous zone: her stump. I used to massage one particular sensitive area of it and give her an orgasm!"

That's grosser than the image of Holly Wellin providing Hillary Clinton with oral sex.

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