The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 19

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Welcome back, celeb gossip and Hollywood news readers across the globe, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Friday tradition and fan-favorite.

Who won this version of the contest, featuring the fashion-impaired, increasingly troll-like Olsen Twins? It was a tough call, but we chose Stephanie!

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The winning entry appears beneath the photo. Scroll down the page for the full list of replies, and good luck again in this week's all-new Caption Contest!

Mary-Kate: "Help Ashley my hand is stuck in this position from holding a Starbucks cup for so long."
Ashley: "Thats okay, your hand is the least of your worries."

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One word is all i have to say HOS!


I thought those trolls couldnt get more stupid and ugly.


wanna double-up on stavros tonite?


oh crap! which one am i again?


'Scare Dem Crew' or the Awful Twins. Darn they look spooky.


Short on cash after Full House royalties have dried up, the Trollsen Twins rob two helpless old ladies on the street and steal their glasses, among other items.


Mary-Kate: You look retarded.
Ashley: Takes one to know one.
Mary-Kate: Bitch.
Ashley: Skank.


Wearing glasses that weigh more than they do, The Olsen Twins look stupid.

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