The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 17

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Welcome back, entertainment news and celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our Friday afternoon tradition.

Who won this week's contest, featuring a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears? It was a tough call, since we received record responses, but we've chosen a winner.

Cute Jamie Lynn Spears Picture

This week's Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest winner is Kellie G. Nice work! Just scroll down to read the full list of replies (and the winner, beneath the photo).

Boy, I wish I would've kept my feet on the ground instead of in the air.

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At least I remember to put my shoes on.


If I say I'm having a baby, I can hide my fatness!


Oh my Jesus.. I must be fat.. It can't be the baby


wearing a heineken t-shirt is just gonna get me a step closer to drinking once the baby's out.


Lord I hope a better mom then Britney!


Maybe if I stare at it long enough, it will just go away


I wonder if my Heineken t-shirt has anything to do with my being pregnant?


I don't think mom and dad suspect a thing.


I hope I pass the GED


Uh oh, I think my water just broke. Nope I just stepped in a puddle.