The Hills Spoilers, Trailer New Season 3 Episodes

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WARNING: The Hills spoilers below!

Lauren Conrad and The Hills return with eight all-new season three episodes on March 24, 2008. A two-minute trailer for the new episodes appears below and ... OMG, WTF! Some of the $h!t in there is totally off the chain.

Audrina, Heidi and Kristin Filming

Peep it ...


Looks like fans of The Hills can look forward to:

  • Heidi kicking Spencer's ass out of the apartment
  • BFF Lo (Lauren Bosworth) moving in with LC & Audrina
  • The return of dirtball Justin-Bobby (a.k.a. Justin Brescia)
  • Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port going on their work trip to Paris and meeting some French guys who look sort of gross
  • LC and Whitney parting ways with employer Teen Vogue
  • Brody Jenner getting a new girlfriend (Cora Skinner)
  • The return of Stephanie Pratt - who apparently befriends Lauren Conrad and incurs the wrath of Spencer Pratt for doing so!

We'll be counting down the days until March 24, and will share with you any more Hills spoilers and gossip we come across between now and then.


Does anyone know what song is playing in the background? I love this trailer... It ROCKS!!!!!!


luaren looks great with glasses but i dont think dating stephen is a good brody he doesnt know what he wants.heidi needs to realize whats going on with spencer


ilove hedi ihope spancer isnt the 1 that did the sex tape. spencer and hedi need 2 get married not now but later , when things settle down. and lauren needs 2 be bestfriends with hedi again . and lauren needs 2 find out the truth. in my opion its been brody all long but ialways hoped itwouldnt be. it could be justin booby


what brand of glasses is she wearing??


Heidi is all about the word I and Audrina is one of those who love to get burn to learn, therefore they are a good BFF couple Heidi sets her friends on fire and Audrina love getting burn. Lauren I pray that u fine true friends this year


Lauren stay strong u are a good person


OMG! I am so excited about the new season of The Hills! This is like my favorite show! Hedi is such a BITCH! And that Stephanie girl,(I think), is setting Lauren up....(scank!)


Audrina is too naiive for her own good! She needs to stand by LC and get rid of (HOT HOT HOT) Justin Bobby! Heidi is brainwashed by Spencer, and hopefully will see that soon.
The Teen Vogue exit is going to be so weird to watch... I just can't wait!!


omg, i love love love the Hills and cant wait for these new episodes! Lauren looks great in her glasses!


It must be hard on the girls. You don't know if people really like them or if they're trying to get close so they can get camera time.

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