Super Bowl Photo Finish: Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning

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Super Bowl Sunday. The biggest day on the sports calendar. Even non-NFL fans love it, and with quarterbacks as hot as these two leading the way this year, the ladies should have even more than usual to pique their interest.

The Hollywood Gossip calls on readers to:

The Bundchens
  1. Tell us who you think will win Super Bowl XLII
  2. Tell us who you think is hotter, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (left) or his New England Patriots counterpart, Tom Brady

Tom Brady and the Patriots are huge favorites, but Eli Manning's baby face and Southern charm might make the Super Bowl hunk watch closer than you think!

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Very energetic post, I liked that a lot. Will
there be a part 2?
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i think both of them are hott but eli's better i mean he's on the champion's team. and he has a lineage of hottness with him and his bros. but brady is ok he's the hott blonde


Giants 34, Pats 31. You heard it here.


PATS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Patriots will probably win. I do NOT like either quarterback, but if I desperately had to choose - I'd say Eli. Just because his family has a great base. Tom "not my child" Brady has more drama than any woman should really have to put up with.


Brady is way hotter


omg i love eli! pats will win tho.

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