Simon Cowell Disses, Dismisses Katharine McPhee

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Katharine McPhee may be happy with her marriage to Nick Cokas.

But the former American Idol runner-up can't be thrilled with the performance of her self-titled debut album, which sold roughly 366,000 since it was released last February. Meanwhile, Simon Cowell simply isn't thrilled with McPhee herself.

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"Didn't care much about Katharine McPhee," Cowell told Extra Thursday. "I don't think she was a credible recording artist. Katharine will end up on Broadway!"

Simon went on to to reject the notion that American Idol has given seventh-season Hollywood tickets to several contestants who previously had recording contracts - such as Kristy Lee Cook and Carly Smithson - as part of a conspiracy to insure that the show's next winner is a chart-topping success.

"Oh, give me a break!" Cowell sad. "Regardless of whether or not you got a recording contract, they've all failed, which is why they turn up on American Idol."


PP...a sure sign of your totally ignore anything positive,like a single going GOLD,and instead dwell on your own,self-serving forecasts! Pregnancy and delivery obviously did nothing to curtail your career as a hate monger!!Feel sorry for your poor kid,for sure!


Oh My, you mccokas fans are in for a huge letdown.other than her body she has nothing left going for her.with a little mccokas in her belly she will be done!


Kat now has a cetified GOLD single with Over It......guess that confirms she can sing and her career is quite healthy.
So much for your dumb gloom and doom predictions,pp!!


Hey write as though pregnacy is some kind of evil and illicit're a Mom,but maybe after your pregnacy,you delivered an evil baby,Like in,The Omen!!Like child!!!


And next year, Simon will be slamming his "ringers", saying that they couldn't make it before, and they can't make it now. Katherine, Taylor and the others he slammed are all doing just fine. Probably better off without 19E, who obviously did not care enough to support them. AI has become a joke. The winners deserve their complete support, (otherwise, what is the point of winning?) and very few get it. The others in the Top 12 deserve support too, not ridicule from the man who put them on the stage in the first place.


Simon always wanted to be a Star but he has no talent. He's famous for being an ASS.


Take a look WICKIPEDIA for Simon Cowell and you will see just how much knowledge he doesn't have...if not for Daddy, he wouldn't have had a job in the music industry. How many shows has Cowell tried to launch only to fail miserably??? He has never been a success at anything on his own...he is only who he is because of riding on someone else's coattails.


And what was the point of this show, anyway? They say it's to find the next superstar. Then these people turn around and slam the people who were on it. Simon Cowell has talent only in his own mind.


Kat has been rumored to be pregnant since top 24 round of idol in 2006. When she is pregnant I will say "Congratulations Kat and Nick"...I know she will be a better mother than one who stalks the internet looking to throw hate on somebody elses daughter.


Yes, Simon is wrong, the world is wrong, only the katfans are right.Except for around 50 diehard fans her fansites and fans are quickly disappearing.I wonder what your gonna say when you hear she is pregnant.

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