Sarah Larson and George Clooney: Best Looking

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George Clooney may not have taken home the Academy Award for Best Actor last night, but the handsome, charitable star was obviously a winner nonetheless.

Here's a look at him with pretty girlfriend Sarah Larson:

Clooney Photo

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the less anyone sees of sara, the better.
parasites are a dime a dozen....get a blow up doll and save some face


A natural woman is what he needs and he has one now !


she is not beautiful, neither attractive, she just looks like as many young nice looking woman, you can easily find,but not more than that...however if george is happy , that's what it matters...i watched a video of george clooney and julia roberts, was touched, as they looked very nice to me together...tastes are different and unique, which should be respected, however wanted to wish him to have an extraordinary, intelligent woman/an actress by his side


She is just the type of woman he needs right now. No challenge to impress her, no doubt they slept together the same night they met. He apparently likes this type of women who has nothing more to offer a man, whose only interest is her beauty and body. He does not need to make any effort ever to impress them. They appreciate what attention he gives to them. He makes them feel special because after all he is truly a nice person. He knows what he wants from this type of woman. They get what they want from him as well except matrimony. When George decides he needs more in his life that his present taste in women can offer him, he will find a woman that challenges him. He will actually need to make an effort as she won't be easy to win over.


Hopefully we'll see more of Sarah in Hollywood!


Sarah is sexy!!! Good choice George!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, George and Sarah looked so stunning on the red carpet together. George got lucky when he snagged Sarah. They are one cute couple and I wish them nothing but good luck!


I think George Clooney is so sexy!!! George & Sarah look soooo good together. I love Sarah's dress she pulled it off so well.


She resembles his mother.


I don't consider her pretty or even attractive. She looks like his daughter. A true opportunist at work... Sure beats waiting tables.

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