Sam Lutfi Speaks on Britney Spears' "Fight to Get Well"

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Has Britney Spears hit rock bottom?

Is she really trying to get well? Are the people close to her doing enough, or losing sight of what's important with their constant in-fighting?

These and so many other key questions remain unanswered (we welcome your comments) even by those close to the troubled Britney Spears.

To that end, this week's Us Weekly takes an in-depth look inside the ongoing struggle for the soul (and mind) of a fallen cultural icon.

Spears was released from UCLA yesterday after spending a week in its psych ward. Many believe the singer should have been held there longer.

Britney Spears' Fight

One of the article's focal points is - who else - Sam Lutfi.

Britney Spears' friend, de facto manager and confidant, who was recently hit with a restraining order after her parents made some startling allegations in court, has opened up about her bipolar disorder - and how he's trying to help her.

Sam Lutfi explained to the celebrity news site how he medicated her and what went the night she was hospitalized, as well as how her parents reacted.

"In [Britney's] depressive episodes, it's all crying," he said. "In manic episodes, there's very little crying or sympathy or compassion. She becomes another person. She becomes somebody that just doesn't care about anything."

"The British accent is part of the mania," Sam Lutfi, whose real first name is Osama, added. "She will stick to the British accent because she becomes comfortable with it... But you know, when the pink wig comes on, it's getting bad."

Lutfi says that when Spears was involuntarily committed to UCLA, her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears, arrived and tried to get him away from Britney.

"Well, he is better family than you guys will ever be," Britney responded, according to Sam, who is obviously in full spin-machine mode.

Sam Lutfi also said that when the ambulance arrived to take Britney Spears away, "she was very quiet... when I told her, she wrote me a note and put a big heart on it and it said, 'I love you, Sam. Are there people coming? Circle yes or no.'"

"Oh, my God, it was funny. Just the cutest little thing. I circled yes and I gave it back to her, and she looked at me and she's like, 'Oh, lord, here we go again.'"


to brit..brit..
just be strong..
make your own decision for YOUR KIDS..!!
she should back to her family..
she need them...
britney's not sick..
people who keep taking her pics are sick..(pappz)....
you should fight for it..!!!!
go brit..brit...
gim us more....


I take a sworn statement over his statements any day. Meanwhile he hides from getting served but calls in everywhere.


I do not know Mr. Lutfi, but if he is Britney's friend and anything she has said to h im, keep the mouth shut and not be talking so that she cannot trust you. Britney needs to get out of the glamour of CA, the eyes of the photographers who so insensitively trail her, and sell the pictures and maybe the rest of us have to refuse to buy and magazine at the moment that has any picture of her in it.


How do we really know of Britney's Bipolar Disorder? Was that diagnosis really confirmed and now there's Sam Lufti...A real leech who's only main purpose is to go after Britney's goods. If the allegations against Sam prove to be true, then I sure hope that guy rots in jail!


Sam Lutfi is a leeching Muslim. Prophet Mohammad leeched on his wife who was a very rich heiress and was 25 years older than him. He was a middleman hoarder, just like Sam. When Prophet Mohammed's rich wife died, he married a 6 year old child and proceeded to molest her at age 8. This is Islam. A primitive religion of camel traders. Sam is no exception. The judge proved it with his restraining order.


Britney has a very complicated problem on her hands. Thank goodness that her family took a very possitive step towards her recovery when they told Lufti to get lost. He was medicating her? Since when is that slime ball a doctor? Hey, Lufti, are you reading this? You're a dick! Do Brit and all of us a big favor... please go flush yourself down a toilet!

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